Collectors Buy Old iPods, Madonna Breaks Them

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We mourned the iPod Classic back in September, when Apple officially discontinued their original device due to low demand and a lack of parts. Now it appears the little guy is making a comeback as a coveted collector’s item.

Nostalgic bidders are now fighting for iPod Classics on eBay and other outlets, often dishing out more than twice the retail price to get ahold of one. The most sought-after one is the 160GB model, which holds around 40,000 songs and used to run for about $250 a pop in stores. Now, hundreds of new and used ones are going for much more than that; many of them for no less than $400.

Descriptors like “vintage,” “rare,” and “piece of history” cling to the listings, and over 5,000 of these specific models have already been sold on eBay. One mint-in-the-box 160GB sold for an impressive $900 on November 29th.

The same craze is gaining momentum on Amazon, with one company called Kailone Tech selling unused 160GB Classics for $492.88. If you really want a throwback, there is even a first generation 5GB model listed for $200, in all its LCD-screened glory.

Apple is continuing to sell the Touch, Nano, and Shuffle, but none of these come close to the storage capacity of the discontinued Classic. In fact, you may want to dive into the bidding, because the most space you can find in stores now is just 64GB. An iPod Touch of that capacity costs $299 from Apple. However, you can always buy more iCloud space to make up the difference.

Ironically, while the rest of the world was cradling their old iPods, Madonna was smashing hers. When a few tracks from her forthcoming album were leaked online this past week, including one produced by Avicii, she took out her frustration on the device by mangling and smashing it. She then posted a picture of the damage to Instagram, writing, “This broken ipod is a symbol of my broken heart! That my music has been stolen and leaked! I have been violated as a human and an artist! #f***edupshit.” Seeing as she was just named the world’s wealthiest recording artist, she probably had a few iPods to spare.