Honorable Mention: The Snubs of the 2015 Grammys

YG / Courtesy of MTV

YG / Courtesy of MTV

Everyone has an opinion in this world. But when it comes to opinions on the 2015 Grammy Awards nominations, snubs and shortlists, sometimes we have to shake our heads. Because at the end of the day, The Recording Academy chooses to acknowledge these nominees, made up of very distinguished producers, vocalists, conductors, songwriters, composers, engineers, producers, instrumentalists, arrangers, art directors, album notes writers, narrators, and music video artists and technicians, based on their own individual tastes, but they’re individual tastes nonetheless. I love the fact that they do not vote on the premises of sales and popularity, but by technical brilliance and quality of the music itself. But sometimes, I have to wonder why. Here are some of the artists, duos, and collectives I feel were snubbed this year at the 2015 Grammy Nominations:

YG – My Krazy Life/My N***a (featuring Rich Home Quan and Young Jeezy) via Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.: The West-Coast rapper from Compton, California has always been relevant, but recently rose to true prominence with his critically-acclaimed album, My Krazy Life, detailing life in Compton with true stories. It brings you into the rapper’s world of triumphs, catastrophes, and hard times. This album was snubbed for Rap Album of the Year, with brilliant production from fellow long-time partners DJ Mustard and Ty Dolla $ign and other producers like Terrace Martin. The album was beautifully chronicled and has snagged great writing credits and features from very talented names such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Schoolboy Q, with great samples from legends such as Snoop Dogg and C-Murder, Rappin 4-Tay, and Uncle Luke. I felt that the album/single should have been in the running for Best Rap Album of the Year/Best Rap Song nominee for sure. Hold your head Keenon, there’s always next year.

Ty Dolla $ign – Or Nah (Remix featuring Wiz Khalifa and The Weeknd):  This song brings eerie and hyped feelings all at once. It was beautifully produced, and it’s an ingenius sample of Dr. Dre’s smash single, “Forgot About Dre” featuring Slim Shady. The crazy re-work from Dolla $ign, Wiz Khalifa, and The Weeknd himself leaves us with, well nothing. Best Rap/Song Collaboration nominee please. Definitely a snub, definitely a head-shaker.

Porter Robinson – Worlds via of Sample Sized, LLC Under Exclusive License To Astralwerks Records: What an amazing album, that was not only produced with pure creativity, but hard work. Self-produced and written by Robinson himself, this album was a huge shift of his spectrum, turning away from the house music genre he is known for to a more alternative sound. Recruiting personnel of pure indie bands and artists was an awesome touch as well. He kept pure creativity alive on this album, which should have been more than enough for a nomination for Best Electronic Album. A definite snub, but your great music was heard, Porter, and that’s all that matters.

FKA Twigs: I should just come out by saying that all of her headshots should have “SNUB” written all over her forehead for the rest of this year and the next. She is a definite talent with one of the best albums of 2014. With exceptionally-recorded singles such as “Papi Pacify,” “Two Weeks,” “Video Girl,” and her breakout hit, “Water Me,” this alternative R&B singer is certainly amongst every Top 10 echelon she categorizes with. Sold-out tours and performances with sales excluded, FKA Twigs could have certainly snagged the Best New Artist award at the Grammys this year, at least she was. We are still hoping they call her name, even though she will not show up on the award card this year.

Hunter Hayes – Storyline via Atlantic Records: It’s a pretty big shock, considering the other nominations were greatly deserved as well. But if this album wasn’t on the nominees card for Best Country Album, it makes you wonder. This is a definite head-scratcher, seeing as the album was greatly engineered and produced by noteworthy musician Dann Huff. There were also big-name musicians under the writing credits, including Grammy Award-winning composers Paul Lee Buckmaster and Gordie Sampson. Better luck next time Hunter, I loved “Tattoo.”

Popcaan – Where We Come From via Mixpak Records: This is possibly the Best Reggae Album of the Year. No possible explanation can be given for why this talented artist was not on the cards. Expertly engineered and produced by Dre Skull, and with every song a sure-fire hit, it makes it hard to even find a song that could have been a single. They all were amazing.

Mali Music – Mali Is… via RCA Records: Definitely a snub. This is such a beautiful album, and with it already being up for an Best Urban Contemporary Album, that could be the only possible explanation. This album was listed under the Gospel genre, and should have won many nominations for Best Gospel Song and/or Contemporary Christian Performance/Song for “Beautiful.” You can’t win them all Mali. I guess they want to share awards.

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