Knife Party: ‘Superstar’ Single Review

Courtesy of Knife Party

Courtesy of Knife Party

It’s that time of year again. No, I don’t mean Christmas, I mean the things we do when Christmas is near: party and dance! What better way to do this than to Knife Party’s single, “Superstar,” from their album, Abandon Ship.  If you have ever listened to any of Knife Party’s tracks, you know they get you grooving, moving, and most likely in a coitus mood. Let’s dive into this track and get you people dancing a bit.

Introductions need builds. As the vocalist yells “superstar,” the automated, cut-down kick-to-snare busts in. It becomes a reality that maybe the disco funk you left in your garage is back for some action. You feel the funk with a composition of a steady beat, a casual telecaster electric guitar funk vibe, a 2/4 bass guitar rhythm, 80s synths, and a classy vocalist. I dare you to listen to this track and try not to dance…tried it? Yeah, it is pretty much impossible.

What stands out about this song is that it doesn’t have to be one style of music through the whole track. For example, once the track hits 2:17 seconds, everything mellows down and builds into a rather new dimension of electronic music. This builds to more of an electronic house dance vibe once the drop beats in. As listeners, we can appreciate this, for the fact that a lot of electronic music is repeated and change is good. However, I haven’t quite touched on how this song makes one feel. I’ll dive into that shortly.

“Superstar” reflects the term, “ego booster.” An ego booster is simply anything that induces positive reinforcement in a person. We see this as the vocalist emphasizes that the one he is singing to is amazing. It is flattery at one angle and positive reinforcement on the other. However, don’t forget that any song has real-life application, as long as you guide yourself. Whether you’re slaving in a workout, down on your luck, or just downright dirty dancing, “Superstar” is there to lift you up. It boosts your ego, your life, and your soul. Don’t pass up on this song; it’s a much needed listen. I recommend this song to the superstars inside us all.

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