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Kat Robichaud / Courtesy of

The Voice, now on its seventh season, has already produced hit singles if the iTunes Chart is to be considered. Several made it to the Top 10, while dozens even made it to the upper echelon. The Voice has already established itself as a niche of extremely talented artists. However, there is a tendency to only highlight the winners or fan favorites. In this regard, listeners may be missing on other exceptional covers performed on the show. If you are looking for new favorite covers, here are some suggestions.

“Spotlight,” by Michelle Brooks Thompson: On this Knockout Round song against Amandra Brown, Michelle wowed coaches like CeeLo Green of her strength as a vocalist. However, Coach Adam Levine leaned more on Amanda’s style. This song ended Michelle’s journey on the show. Still, the vocal acrobatics Michelle did with this song was too solid to be forgotten. Listen to this cover if you are looking for an invigorating take on this Jennnifer Hudson record.

“Problem,” by Bryana Salaz: Ariana Grande is a gifted singer, and it’s not easy to sing her songs. Yet, Bryana did meet the expectations when she impressed Coaches Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton to turn for her during the Blind Auditions. Bryana even did some embellishments that were not found on the original record. It’s sad though that she did not made it until the finale. Good thing that she was able to leave a legacy like this while she was on the show.

“Toxic,” by Melanie Martinez: Imagine Britney Spears singing with tambourines and a guitar. Yes, it might be unimaginable. But, this Melanie Martinez Blind Audition song proved that there are layers to Britney songs that are still untouched. This “Toxic” cover left us all in awe, leaving the impression that Melanie is one of the most creative artists ever to grace The Voice.

“Creep,” by Holly Henry: This cover song brings back sad memories, as it reminds people of the last performance of Holly on the show. What she did may not be enough for Coach Blake Shelton to choose her over Nic Hawk’s “Genie in A Bottle.” But, even Christina Aguilera recognized the fearlessness in this version that made everyone sigh in disappointment when Holly was eliminated.

“The Thrill Is Gone,” by Beverly McClellan: Not everyone remembers the raw talents on the first season of The Voice, as they were already overshadowed by the artists from succeeding seasons. Conversely, on top of the list of the best Season 1 covers is this gritty cover of Beverly of the Etta James classic. Such a powerful version it can easily blow your mind.

“Loca,” by Monique Abbadie: One of the best best Blind Auditions, Monique Abbadie’s take on Shakira’s “Loca” made all four coaches turn for her. Even country star Blake Shelton fought hard for Monique to pick him over Adam Levine’s charm and Usher’s gorgeous face. In the end, Monique went where her heart is when she chose fellow Latina Shakira. Adam Levine noticed the rhythmic sensibilities Monique gave the song, and it is true. Monique’s version is not far in terms of star quality compared to Shakira’s original version.

“Iris,” by Charlotte Sometimes: It is definitely not an easy task to sing when you are in danger of being eliminated. But that was the task Charlotte had to do to stay on the show. While “Iris” did not save her from going home, it made her become one of the most crazily talented vocalists ever to hit The Voice stage. This cover was gorgeously sung live, and it’s not a surpise that it was even better on record.

“Love Is Blindness,” by Jacquie Lee: With this song, viewers wanted to believe in Coach CeeLo’s remark that Jacquie seemed to have swallowed an old lady or something. The emotional maturity of this Jacquie cover is too pure not to be emphasized. It could as well be on the list of the best performances on The Voice, especially coming from the very young Jacquie Lee.

“No Me Doy Por Vencido,” by Cathia: Not many Latinas made it too far on The Voice. Cathia even almost lost early on if not for Usher who readily stole her from Team Shakira. Cathia is one of the few artists with enough courage to audition with a non-English song. She was proven successful, as she had three chairs to turn for her, thanks to this Luis Fonsi song.

“Blank Space,” by Taylor John Williams: Taylor John Williams has the unique capability to sing a popular song and make it his own. Coincidentally, he has the same name as the original singer. Was it a blessing? Undoubtedly, yes! Taylor John’s rendition is too far from what Taylor Swift did with her record. It worked well because there was no space for comparisons with the two versions. The only space present is the listeners’ space on their playlists for this Taylor John Williams cover.

“It Will Rain,” by Bryan Keith: The Blind Audition is very special because it is a way to show the direction the artists’ want to take. With this cover, Bryan Keith easily captivated the picky taste of all four coaches when they fought over Bryan because of this song. The most striking characteristis of this cover is Bryan’s ability to invoke emotional realness, and eventually bring it straight to the listeners’ hearts. This Bryan Keith will always remain as one of the top favorite covers of The Voice’s loyal fans.

“Cryin,” by Juliet Simms: Juliet Simms singing a trademark Aerosmith song? Need we say more? Juliet is still the best singer ever to come on The Voice, and it’s a shame if you still haven’t heard of this Juliet cover. Actually, everything Juliet sang on The Voice is extraordinary; however, “Cryin” is extra special because she has the same tone as Steven Tyler thus making this cover more special.

“You Know I’m No Good,” by Loren Allred: Oh, Loren! How could we forget how you shone through this record? Loren will forever be known as the breakout star of the show, primarily because of her superior rendition of this Amy Winehouse song. It was innocent, as it was sultry. What a combination!

“Wake Up Call,” by RaeLynn: How brilliant Blake Shelton was when he tasked Raelynn to sing this Maroon 5 song? It did break Adam Levine’s heart. RaeLynn was able to execute this song really well. It was beautifully covered that listeners’ actually start thinking if “Wake Up Call” was originally made as a country song.

“The Way I Am,” by Caroline Pennell: Did your heart melt in this Caroline cover of an Ingrid Michaelson song?  If yes, you should be thankful because you are capable of determining what passion means. If not, then better call a psychologist why on earth did this harmoniously ardent cover song not move you.

“Wrecking Ball,” by Ricky Manning: On why Coach Pharell did not pick Ricky after this heartfelt cover of a Miley Cyrus song will forever be a mystery. It is certain, however, that Ricky’s potential as an artist was greatly unleashed because of this cover version. Several artists already did this song on The Voice, and surely, Ricky was not left behind in terms of excellence in covering this song.

“Heartless,” by Dia Frampton: If American Idol had Kris Allen doing this Kanye West record, then The Voice had Dia Frampton delivering the same intensity of emotion as Kris Allen. Dia Frampton is one of the first artists to reinvent songs on the show, and it’s no doubt that Dia inspired the many other reinvention of songs that happened on The Voice.

“The Edge of Glory,” by Dani Moz: How can Dani Moz successfully turn a Lady Gaga song about orgasm into a song about passionate love? Let us ask Dani. But before we do, let us recall how this song triumphantly made Dani a part of the Live Rounds.

“If You Don’t Know Me by Now,” by Jamar Rogers: If we don’t know who Jamar is by now, then shame on us. Jamar is without a doubt one of the best vocalists ever to come on The Voice. This song is a testament of the immense talent Jamar has. It is certain that when Jamar did this song seasons ago, it was one of the most played on everyone’s playlist. If you still haven’t listened to it, then please hurry before time turns it back against you.

“You Oughta Know,” by Kat Robichaud: If you are looking for intensity, then Kat’s cover of this Alanis Morrissette hit is the cover you should hear. When Kat performed this on her Knockout Round, everybody thought that she is going to kill everyone on the studio with her powerful rendition of the song. True enough, Kat became known as one of the most forceful vocalists ever on the show.

“Sexy and I Know It,” by Christian Porter: Christian Porter is probably one of the most underrated singers ever on The Voice. It is confusing that his cover of the LFMAO song did not influence Coach Blake Shelton to take him to the end. This cover is enjoyable, as it is pleasurable to hear. His falsettos were great, and Coach Shakira agreed that what Christian did was pure sexiness. Unquestionably, this song will not be successfully covered in any talent shows anytime soon the way Christian did.

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