Why Jazmine Sullivan’s Return is Important

Courtesy of thisisrnb.com

Courtesy of thisisrnb.com

Some people love to throw the term “underrated” around when it comes to certain musicians. Whether it be their favorite artist getting snubbed by the Grammys or an artist’s latest album not selling as well as expected, few artists deserve the “underrated” title as much as singer-songwriter Jazmine Sullivan. When Sullivan first arrived on the scene with her debut single, “Need U Bad” in 2008, people fell in love with her powerful, soulful vocals, and a co-sign from Missy Elliott didn’t hurt. After a successful debut album (Fearless) that received Grammy nods and a dedicated fan base, Sullivan released her sophomore effort, Love Me Back, two years later. Surprisingly, the album didn’t sell as well as the first, even though it received rave reviews and had many gems throughout the record (“Stuttering”, “10 Seconds”, “Holding You Down”).

Four years later, Sullivan has rekindled her love for music and is ready to return to the spotlight. Reality Show will be Sullivan’s third album and it is set to be released on January 13th, 2015. I’m extremely excited to hear what Jazmine Sullivan has been cooking up and hopefully Sullivan gets some much-needed recognition on this album. With two singles (“Dumb (Featuring Meek Mill)”, “Forever Don’t Last”) released earlier this year, it’s apparent that Sullivan’s voice has become even more powerful during her hiatus and she’s ready to bring something new to the forever safe R&B genre. Sullivan’s latest release, “Mascara,” can be viewed in different ways, depending on who you are.

Over the slow-grinding Key-Wane produced beat, Sullivan gives listeners a glimpse of a superficial life inspired by most of the women that take up screen time on your favorite ratchet TV show. Some will hear this track and recognize the humor and wit in Sullivan’s lyrics, which are focused on our society’s obsession with fame. Others will consider “Mascara” to be an anthem that rings true to their current life, or what they envision their future to be. Either way, Sullivan’s new track “Mascara” is amazing and if this song is any indication of Reality Show’s quality, than I need to prepare to have this album on constant rotation over the next couple of months.

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