Jazmine Sullivan: ‘Mascara’ Single Review

Courtesy of josepvinaixa.com
Courtesy of josepvinaixa.com

You’ll want to give “Mascara” a second listen to catch the hidden moments on Jazmine Sullivan’s third single. Women will think twice before walking out of the house without their mascara on after hearing this track, which comes from her upcoming third studio album, Reality Show. “Mascara” is honest commentary about the way some ladies rely solely on their beauty.

Sullivan’s impeccable vocal range guides her perspective on these women. The chorus is infectious, with the words, “So I never leave the house / without / Makeup on / I keep mascara in my pocket / If I’m running to the market / ‘Cause you never know who’s watching you.” Her singing is at its best, with a sassy confidence matching the beat in an effortless presentation.

She manifests the meaning in the second verse, singing, “No I ain’t got a job, but / so what / I don’t need it when I’m getting / everything that I want / and everything that I ask for.” The authenticity and humor to the lyrics engage the audience initially, but inspire their minds on the next visit. Hidden behind the humor is a praiseworthy message of self-love.

The production consists of an 808 beat that never gets in the way of the strong vocals and mellows out through the chorus. The Key Wane and Salaam Remi hip-hop composition compliments the lyrics well.

Growth in her artistry is visible with her quiet confidence as she plays with the lyrics. The song’s lyrics are especially brilliant because of all the sarcasm, which stands out in lines like, “Yeah my hair and my ass fake, but / so what? / I get my rent paid with it / and my tits get me trips to places I can’t pronounce right.”

“Mascara” as a single is an excellent decision, and Sullivan’s voice is the most soothing and refreshing aspect of the record. In addition, it helps send a message of social commentary from a video chick or reality star’s frame of mind, which makes the song all the more relevant as a single. Hopefully, this song will garner Jazmine Sullivan the praise she deserves for this wonderful modern-day classic.