This Week in Quotes: Justin Timberlake in Tears

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“A gentleman can never have too many bow ties.” – Justin Timberlake, getting choked up as he received one as a gift from a young fan during his show. The 10-year-old boy, who was also dressed up in a suit and bow tie, told Timberlake he has been listening to him since he was two. Teary-eyed, Timberlake called it the “greatest gift ever.”

“I just don’t see myself as a Cody.” – Iggy Azalea, laughing off rumors that she was born a man and is really named Cody. She added that she would be “more of a Liam” if she were male and joked, “Am I still gonna get my Billboard Women in Music award tomorrow, now that I supposedly have a penis or nah?” Billboard responded with “Don’t worry, Iggy. We’ll allow it.”

“I would get killed within the first couple seconds.” – Paul McCartney, discussing his video game skills on The Daily Show. McCartney recently wrote an original song for the video game, Destiny, and says he has now become “Mr. Cool” to his grandkids after working on a game.

“Is it, like, One Direction? Because I want to take them in, like, four directions.” – Amy Adams, fangirling over the British boy band in a Saturday Night Live promo. The actress will be hosting the December 20th episode with musical guests 1D.

“This is all made up at this point.” – William Isaacson, Apple’s lead lawyer in the antitrust trial that has been going on for over a decade. Apple officially won the case yesterday, mainly due to a lack of evidence from the Plaintiffs.

“I think it could be good publicity.” – Tayra DeHoven, secretary-treasurer of the Beauregard Parish in DeRidder, Louisiana. The council just approved a request from former Eurythmics singer Dave Stewart to film a music video in their century-old Gothic Revival jail, which has been closed for more than three decades due to a cruel and unusual punishment ruling.

“Thank you for not listening!” – Madonna, thanking her fans for their loyalty and patience in disregarding her recently-leaked material. She has now described the tracks as “unfinished demos stolen long ago and not ready to be presented to the world.”

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