The Daily Show Nails Fox News for Jay-Z Remark

Jon Stewart / Courtesy of

Jon Stewart / Courtesy of

Jon Stewart had a lot of material to draw from for last night’s episode of The Daily Show, when Fox News anchor Sean Hannity made some less-than-flattering remarks about Jay-Z. Hannity criticized New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for agreeing with Jay-Z on the Ferguson issue, writing the successful hip-hop artist off as nothing more than “a former crack dealer” who Cuomo should not be associating with.

Before they really got into the issue, Stewart couldn’t help but poke fun at Fox News’ clumsy tease for the segment. A picture of Jay-Z was shown onscreen the entire time Hannity tried to hook viewers past the commercial break, hinting, “Andrew Cuomo thought it was appropriate to take some advice from a guy that admits that he sold crack, and was a drug dealer, and actually shot somebody, and we’ll tell you who it is as we continue.” “Umm, I’m gonna go with Jay-Z?” replied Stewart. “You know, cause of the photo of Jay-Z you had up on the screen there for a really long time.”

When Hannity began pulling past offenses out of Decoded, Jay-Z’s memoir, The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams dropped by to set the record straight. She pointed out that Fox News often preaches self-improvement to the black community, so they should be impressed that Jay-Z “has done quite a few other things since his dealing days.” The Daily Show illustrated this with a series of Fox News clips urging black men to be better fathers and “pull up their pants and finish school.”

“If you go over the black male to-do list, Jay-Z’s got it covered,” she said, describing the rapper as a good father with a successful job and a stable marriage. “He’s not just pulling his pants up – the guy actually sells belts!” she exclaimed as they showed off a belt made by Jay-Z’s clothing brand, Rocawear.

“Jay-Z is the guy they keep saying they want all other black guys to be, but to them, he’s still just a crack dealer,” said Williams. She closed out her argument with “Fox News has 99 problems, but Jay-Z ain’t one.”

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