Drake Conquers the Six Degrees of Separation

Courtesy of allhiphop.com

Courtesy of allhiphop.com

One title just isn’t enough to describe the brand, the mogul, the man, Drake. Toronto, also known as “The Six,” has become Drake’s playground. The NBA’s Toronto Raptors named Drake their Brand Ambassador last year, and Drake has been strategically building his brand ever since.

Unlike his counterparts, Drake did not just limit himself to signing endorsement deals. Who knew his vision would include promoting a sports franchise? How often have we witnessed a hip hop artist host an awards show? …I’ll wait. The answer is, no other rapper has ever hosted an awards show. Earlier this year, Drake hosted The ESPN ESPY Awards, and he continues to make power moves in the sports industry. Just like Jay-Z, The Notorious BIG, 50 Cent, and countless others who proudly represent New York, Drake is proudly representing “The Six.”

Considering the NBA is a billion-dollar global conglomerate, Drake is putting himself in position to surpass the industry’s most elite moguls. I wouldn’t be surprised if Drake becomes the first official hip-hop billionaire. Contrary to belief, Dr. Dre is not a billionaire; at least, not yet. Drake’s idea to brand the city of Toronto is simply genius. He doesn’t just claim Toronto; he has put the entire city on his back. He breathes “The Six,” and so every time you think of Toronto, you think of Drake. And every time you think of Drake, you think of Toronto.

Last night, the Toronto Raptors celebrated the second annual Drake Night. The entire arena received a Drake Night t-shirt and he was the honorary game announcer. As crazy as it may sound, Drake is partially responsible for the success of the Raptors. Drake’s presence gets fans excited and puts fans in the stands. The sold-out seats equates to a loud crowd. That loud home crowd means the team plays harder. The team playing harder equates to wins. The Raptors are currently 20-6 and Drake is arguably the biggest artist on the planet. Put it all together, and it all makes sense. There are no coincidences. It’s just simple mathematics. The only thing that separates us from one person to the next is “six” degrees.

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