K. Michelle Survives the Reality Show Curse

Courtesy of Reid Rolls via dshhonline.com

Courtesy of Reid Rolls via dshhonline.com

The disaster that bears the name “Reality TV” has proven to be a career killer. Ironically, most people join reality television shows in order to build their career in entertainment. But the majority of these reality stars become nothing more than a reality television star. The hopes of making a name for themselves outside of reality television is far-fetched and rarely happens.

Singer K. Michelle knew all the odds were against her and she knew her second chance at stardom was very slim. Against all odds, K. Michelle joined the cast of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta in 2012, hoping the stars would align for her somehow. K. Michelle’s aggressive nature, outspokenness, and strong demeanor proved to be a perfect fit for reality television. Unbeknownst to the audience, K. Michelle had bigger plans.

K. Michelle’s plan didn’t include being a reality star. Her plan was restore her image. Yes, “we are who we are,” but sometimes, “we are who we are” because of circumstances in our lives. K. Michelle was labeled in the music business as “crazy” and “difficult to work with.” But there was more to K. Michelle than just those negative labels.

K. Michelle had a story to tell. She wanted to be understood. She wanted us to understand her struggles. Maybe then we could understand why she acted the way she did. Maybe then we could form our own opinion about her. And maybe, just maybe, we would see her as a human being, and not just a label.

When she spoke about an abusive relationship, we cried with her. When K. Michelle was fighting so hard to get back into the music business, we found ourselves cheering her on. We decided, this young woman is more than just a reality television star; she’s a recording artist. She deserves to be on the stage. She deserves the bright lights. We wanted K. Michelle to win!

The naysayers can say what they want about K. Michelle, but she defied all odds. She defeated the reality television stigma. She defeated the music business. Usually when that door closes, it never reopens. But K. Michelle kicked down the door.

On December 9th, K. Michelle released her second album, usually referred to as the “sophomore jinx album.” The album, entitled Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart, landed at No. 1 on the Billboard R&B Charts. The album sold 87, 000 copies in its first week and debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 Charts.

K. Michelle never needed a reality check, even though she is cashing reality checks. Check out K. Michelle’s reality show My Life on VH1.

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