Matt McAndrew: ‘Wasted Love’ Single Review

Courtesy of NBC

Courtesy of NBC

Season 7 of The Voice has ultimately come to an end. Surprisingly, early favorite Matt McAndrew lost to dark horse Craig Wayne Boyd. Matt may not be named this season’s The Voice, but he did accomplish an amazing feat. He was the first contestant from the show who hit number one on the iTunes Charts with an original song.

Wasted Love” is a new song first performed by Matt on the finale of The VoiceIt was an instant iTunes hit, thanks to the grand performance he did on the show. On record, “Wasted Love” has a hit mark written all over it. It has a lovely melody with a sing-along kind of chorus to it. It is beautifully written; with lyrics incredibly relatable it goes straight to the heart.

Did these lines hit you, too? “Has anybody seen all my wasted love / I’ve been down every street / No, I won’t give up / If I have to die trying to justify, that’s how it’s gonna be.” The song has the truthfulness of Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years,” storytelling capacity of Adele’s “Someone Like You,” and intensity of Bruno Mars’ “Grenade”. Of course, the combination of artistry was solidified by Matt’s unmistakable vocal prowess.

Interestingly, true artists, most of the time, have a wide emotional range in their first original singles. Probably, it is because they have the fire burning in their hearts. They want to perform, and that is the life the want to have. Matt, in his case, has an undeniable passion in his voice that translates to a connection with the audience. “Wasted Love” is a story that cuts across the listeners’ own experiences. Matt shares his heartbreak and fury to people who may actually be experiencing the same. Generally, the success of a song does not only rely on chart performance, but on the relationship it builds with the listeners. In the case of Matt’s “Wasted Love,” he was able to accomplish both.

To say that “Wasted Love” is entirely original is fallacious. The song is reminiscent of songs from other artists who did not only become successful on charts, but also had a significant relationship with music fans. In this regard, it is honestly exciting what music will Matt create if he finally grabs full creative control of his career. Likewise, it is exhilirating to anticipate the possible collaborations for Matt on his first full-length album. Albeit the most original work still has to be seen, Matt has a really inventive and enchanted talent. Definitely, Matt will only gain more fans as he goes along with his career after his stint on The Voice. Actually, with the rate things are going, “Wasted Love” can be the first legitimate hit of a contestant post-The Voice. 

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