Big Sean: ‘I Don’t F*** With You’ Single Review

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Big Sean has been winning a lot lately. From a successful clothing line, endorsement deals and a new relationship, Sean found time to give us an anthem for all the people that we may be too nice to tell off personally. “I Don’t F*** With You” also called “I Don’t Mess With You” for the radios and “IDFWU” because no one wants to continuously spell the title out, released back in September as the lead single for Sean’s third studio album due in 2015.

When I first heard “IDFWU” I noticed a few things first, the production instantly reminded me of what DJ Mustard did with YG’s debut album My Krazy Life. I wasn’t shocked to find out YG worked on the production with Kanye West and DJ Dahi. I also didn’t have to listen to “IDFWU” all the way through to know that I wouldn’t want to hear it on the radio. It almost seems pointless to release singles where half the song is censored but this isn’t the first time Sean released a successful track that had more censors than actual music (Anyone remember “Dance (A$$)” remix with Nicki Minaj? Classic).

Kanye West definitely added his touch to this track with the D.J. Rodgers “Say You Love Me, One More Time” sample to start off the track. After that Big Sean spits back to back fiery bars over some West Coast inspired production. Sean knows how to command a track from his signature flow, ad libs and quote worthy lines, “I just bought a condo / three stories that b**** a trilogy.” E-40, a classic West Coast rapper is featured on the track. I’m not a huge fan of E-40 but his flow adds to the vibe of the track plus E-40 contributes some words to live by, “Go hard or go homeless” (New life mantra?).

As you listen to “IDFWU” it’s hard to believe that it can get any better but Sean takes it up a notch. The production does a 360 and mixes with the sample used in the beginning of the track. Big Sean spits dope lines throughout the track but they hit a lot harder on the remixed beat, “I guess drama makes for the best content / Everything got a bad side / even a conscience / Now you’re drinkin’ till your unconscious / Feel me when you get a fine b**** / Just don’t forget to read the fine print.” When it comes time for that next album I hope Sean gravitates toward songs like “IDFWU” and “Paradise” (Epic production on that track). His second album Hall Of Fame was solid but it felt so safe compared to what he’s been releasing lately. Sean is at his best when he’s showcasing his wordplay on great production like “IDFWU.”