Far East Movement: ‘KTown Riot’ EP Review

Courtesy of albumjams.com

Courtesy of albumjams.com

“Popping bottles in the ice / like a blizzard / When we drink we do it right getting slizzard.” If those lyrics didn’t automatically register in your mind, than I want to know what you were doing in 2010 when Far East Movement was huge and “Like A G6” was unavoidable. The LA based collective Far East Movement has had their share of success over the years with singles like “Rocketeer,” “Live My Life,” and “Turn Up The Love,” but they been pretty quiet on the mainstream level since releasing their fourth studio album, Dirty Bass.

After hearing one of their old singles, it made me revisit their music and discover that they never stopped making music since Dirty Bass. Their latest EP, KTown Riot, was released back in October of this year. The six-track EP is full of Far East Movement’s signature blend of rap, pop and electronic music. Their first single, “The Illest,” features Schoolboy Q and like the majority of the record, the production is downright filthy. Far East Movement always had dope production but they really improved their sound on KTown Riot. Schoolboy Q loses his stoner flow and sounds unrecognizable on this track but “The Illest” is a great way to start a record. “Bang It to the Crib” sounds even crazier than the first track with help from Dutch DJ Sidney Samson. The guys of Far East Movement aren’t rapping any groundbreaking lyrics, but I can definitely hear this in the clubs and upcoming party playlists.

Rell the Soundbender and YG make sure the third track “Grimy Thirsty” lives up to the title. YG only spits a couple bars but I like his contribution to the track. The second half KTown Riot exchanges the hype club beats for low-key mid tempo tracks that still have enough knock in them for your car stereos. “Level (Palm Trees)” was the first new single I heard from Far East Movement and it has to be my favorite track from the EP.

From the chill production to the catchy chorus, it makes me want to lay back and “get level with the palm trees”. The fourth track “Melody (Featuring play n skillz & Fingazz)” reminds me of “Rocketeer” with the singing but it adds some variety to the electropop heavy EP.  Far East Movement decides to slow things all the way down for the last track on the EP. “Up To No Good (Featuring Adrian Delgado)” has some solid production and I could hear it as single, honestly I could see all of these tracks being singles with the right push. It’s good to know that Far East Movement is still crafting some great tracks and KTown Riot is easily their best record so far. From the insane production, solid features and catchy lyrics, KTown Riot earns a spot in my now playing playlist and will be playing well into the New Year.

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