Holly Henry: ‘Grow’ Single Review

Courtesy of Alex Tuthill-Preus via blog.thecurrent.org
Courtesy of Alex Tuthill-Preus via blog.thecurrent.org

Indie artist Holly Henry scored a victory through “Grow,” a moving song about dreams and reality that she filled with her melancholic voice. Released in October 2014, “Grow” is an addition to Holly’s roster of songs that the world needs to discover. The Minnesota native has had a string of addicting cover songs already like “Creep” by Radiohead, “The Scientist” by Coldplay, “Torn” by Ednaswap, “The Hanging Tree” by James Newton Howard, and “Say Something” by A Great Big World. However, the song “Grow” is enough reason for Holly to create more original works so that people can readily see her musical talent. 

Holly’s voice is silky and unmistakeable. She has a signature sound that separates her from other vocalists around. It does not need any auto-tune to be gorgeous, because the amount of emotions Holly puts is enough to make her songs work. In “Grow,” Holly mustered sufficient artistry to give justice to such well-written lyrics. The distinct tone in Holly’s voice is different from many artists popular on radio today. This allows her to have a unique interpretation in her music. Whatever comes from her mouth appears genuine and devoid of any pretensions. The indie-vibe she possesses can create a new trend following the legacy of Bjork. In addition, there is also a hint of sultriness displayed in the song that can make Holly sing songs similar to what Fiona Apple does. 

However, the real standout in the song is the impeccable songwriting skills of Holly. She was able to establish such lyrical depth in “Grow” that fully matches her naturally silky tone. For the most part, “Grow” was able to tell a tale of gloriously waking up from a deep slumber to realize the great essence of life. Holly was able to collate words and assemble them to form strong poetic lines. She professes, “Encourage me / I think I’m awakening / From this frozen sleep / Don’t let me lie back down.”

Albeit the song is lyrically and vocally effective, it somehow creates an alienation from Holly to the listeners. The song appears very personal to the singer, but it does not easily convey to the spectators. While believable, Holly must improve the way she conveys the messages she sings about in her audience. That way, many people, even non-fans of her music, can easily relate to what she is singing about. The music of Holly is already well received by her fans. It is now the time for her to cater to a larger audience. With the extent of talent she has, Holly must not limit her stage. The world must hear what she has to offer.