Jasmine V: ‘That’s Me Right There’ EP Review

Interscope Records
Interscope Records

The success of Jasmine V has been in the making for a long time. V got her start taking acting roles at age nine and began professionally singing at age eleven. With a few notable TV roles (My Wife and Kids, That’s So Raven), and releasing a couple singles (“Serious,” “All These Boys,” “Didn’t Mean It”), V not only gained more recognition as a singer, but became an advocate against domestic abuse (Inspiration behind her single “Didn’t Mean It”). V’s buzz reached extreme levels after appearing in Justin Bieber’s music video for “Baby.” After that V joined Bieber’s U.S. tour and started to gain a lot of support through YouTube with personal vlogs and music videos.

Jasmine V signed to Interscope Records in 2013 and began work on her album. Now at the age of 22 and some guidance from mentor Ester Dean, V is ready for mainstream success. V’s That’s Me Right There is a five-track preview of what’s to come when V releases her debut album in 2015. Here is my track-by-track review.

“That’s Me Right There” is the first single from the EP and Jasmine V’s introduction to most of the world. V rides the smooth production of the track letting us know she’s dedicated to her man. When you see the music video, V adds another verse to the song and I wish that verse could’ve been a part of the official song. While Kendrick Lamar is a great rapper, he doesn’t add much to the song other than some appeal for the hip hop heads waiting for another Lamar record. “That’s Me Right There” sounds like an obvious single but I don’t think it’s the strongest record on the EP.

“I don’t want to be me without you,” Jasmine V declares over a booming beat. On “Me Without You,” V’s vocals are strong and emotional as she admits feat over a relationship she wants back. I love how V sounds on this record and I’d consider this stronger single potential than “I Love Your Crazy”. When tensions rise during difficult times in relationships, it’s easy to say things you don’t truly mean. The emotions V conveys through this song can definitely be felt and related to.

Walk Away” sounds like a ballad at first until the production opens up with hard beats that rise as we get near the chorus. I love the unexpected production change when the chorus hits and the use of EDM sounds great. The mix of R&B and EDM in this track is unexpected and a good change of pace for Jasmine V. I like that V is trying new things with her music. Towards the end of “Walk Away”, the track turns into an all-out electronic dance party. “Walk Away” is a track I want to come back to for future listens.

“I Love Your Crazy” is the second single from the EP. The mellow tune has V toning down her vocals and sounding sexy over a beat that’s reminiscent of Timbaland’s work with Aaliyah in certain parts. At first listen I wasn’t a big fan of “I Love Your Crazy,” but after a couple listens I like how chill the track is.

TDE artist SZA’s track, “Child’s Play,” automatically popped into my head as soon as “Who That” began. I love SZA, so V had some big shoes to fill using this sample. V brings out the sass in this track as she question’s her guy’s intentions. V’s voice sounds great against the bass-heavy track but I can’t enjoy the track when I keep thinking how perfect this beat is for SZA.

Jasmine V’s voice sounds stronger than ever on this EP. Compared to previous efforts, I love the variety V put into this EP and I can see more people listening to her music now. When it comes time to pick songs for the album, I hope V chooses more up-tempo cuts like “That’s Me Right There” and slower cuts like “I Love Your Crazy” to showcase her impressive voice.