Jodeci Releases First New Single in 18 Years

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After an 18-year hiatus, the legendary R&B group Jodeci has returned with new music. Their new song, “Nobody Wins” addresses domestic violence and depicts a woman’s struggle to cope in an abusive relationship. Jodeci belts out the lyrics, “We don’t have to use our hands / no we don’t / nobody wins when we fight fuss and argue / moody wins / we say we leaving but we never do.” “Nobody Wins” also features hip-hop recording artist, B.O.B. 

Jodeci may be most-known for their records about love-making, but they have always addressed relationship issues. Jodeci consists of K-Ci, JoJo, DeVante Swing, and Mr. Dalvin. In the 1990s, Jodeci burst onto the music scene with chart topping songs, “Cry For You,” “Feenin,” “Freek’n You,” and many other soulful hits. Jodeci was inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame in 2012. Their album, Forever My Lady, went 3 times platinum, and the group’s first 3 singles reached Number 1 on the charts. Jodeci’s second album, Diary of a Mad Band, also went to Number 1 on the Billboard R&B Charts. Jodeci was known for their powerful range and gospel-like vocals.

Fast-forward 18 years, and the R&B quartet is bringing awareness to domestic violence. Domestic violence has become one of the biggest headlines this year. This is largely due to the domestic violence cases in the NFL. Songs like Jodeci’s “Nobody Wins” help

bring awareness to an issue that has, historically, been kept silent. Jodeci hasn’t released a studio album in almost 20 years. Their last album, The Show, The After Party, The Hotel, was released on July 18th, 1995.

It has been reported that Jodeci is currently in the studio working on their fourth album with super-producer Timbaland. This is not the first time the group has worked with Timbaland, as the producer was featured on Jodeci’s album, Diary of a Mad Band. In the past, most of the group’s production was arranged by band member DeVante Swing. The new album is expected to be titled, Here For It. Last month, Jodeci reunited on stage at The Soul Train Awards. The performance was highly praised by critics and fans.

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