James Wolpert: ‘Bats’ Single Review

Courtesy of James Wolpert via Bandcamp
Courtesy of James Wolpert via Bandcamp

Not many people can find a song in the mold of classic rock traditions today. James Wolpert, though, readily infuses all the rock elements the world learned to love in his first single, “Bats.” Filled with raw vocals, guitar riffs and cutting edge instrumentals, the song is sure to rock up anyone’s senses – all in a good way. It may be too quick to dismiss that James Wolpert easily follows the excellence of Nirvana, but the influence is there. Listening to “Bats” feels like listening to a contemporary offshoot of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

There is no doubt how tremendous the vocal range of James Wolpert is. Talking about his vocal abilities does not only dwell on what notes he can reach. It also comes with the amount of passion James can put in a song. It is not too often that we can find a vocalist who can really get lost in a song. The result, however, is a beautiful immersion between the voice and the tune. The listening experience that can be derived from James’ “Bats” can bring the same. It is as though you are in a room, with just your bandmates and the instruments, trying to create a beautifully raw and edgy song.

Lyrically, “Bats” successfully used the element of angst in its verses. Truth be told, the type of angst exhibited in the song is lacking in today’s music. This is the period of generic pop songs, and a song like “Bats” may appear out of place. But, contextually, what the song speaks of can effortlessly translate to the lived experiences of the adult population. The kind of angst the song creates can be the rage that questions the conventions of society

It is interesting, nonetheless, to place the physical appearance of James side by side the structure of the song. James looks like a typical guy out of college or graduate school, and he sings the amount of angst in such a well-written song. Talk about intellectually stimulating music.

It is honestly overwhelming to hear such good music from James Wolpert. At the beginning of the song, it feels as if Linda Perry will come out any moment and play the guitars. When the chorus explodes with James powerful vocals, it is as though the 4 Non Blondes will emerge and synchronize their hit “What’s Up” with James’ “Bats.” So, good start, James! Let us see if you can top this on your next song.