Eminem Comes Out as Gay in ‘The Interview’ Cameo

Courtesy of Jeremy Deputat/Billboard
Courtesy of Jeremy Deputat/Billboard

The gay community, which has long been the target of extreme homophobia in the hip-hop community, got a pleasant surprise this weekend with the premier of the hotly-anticipated movie, The Interview. In a special cameo, rapper Eminem reveals that he has been interested in men all along.

In the movie, Slim Shady, a.k.a Eminem, shows his true colors about homophobia with his deadpan, silly side. In the movie, he confesses to James Franco’s character during a mock interview, “I’ve been playing gay peek-a-boo for years.” Of course, this confession sets the television studio interview that James Franco is giving within the movie The Interview into a TMZ-first-exclusive-type frenzy. The man that called DJ/Producer Moby “a 36-year-old bald headed F*g” has suddenly slipped beneath the gay satin sheets? In between all the other gay jokes and Asian/dictator jokes in the movie, many viewers were enjoying the irony.

One can only wonder about how time mellows out a 41-year-old, reputedly homophobic rap star? It is likely that he has to focus most of his energy on coming up with clever new rap lyrics to try and stay relevant, in between taking care of his family, (or vice versa, depending on his personal priorities.) His oldest daughter Hailie, is 18 years old and in college now. She’s the little girl everyone in the feminist camp was so worried about from back in the day, when he was fighting ever-so-publicly with his twice-married to then wife Kim. Eminem has always said that “some people take things a little too seriously,” mainly where he’s concerned.

In the land of Karmic balance, he may be worried about teaching his children bigotry out of ignorance, so he decided to try the shoe on the other foot, so to speak. Mr. Marshall Mathers probably won’t be wearing any Red Bottom shoes (unless they’re men’s) anytime soon. But in the movie, The Interview, many fans had fun watching Eminem do his Doctor Phil-style gay confessions for the scene.