The Cab: ‘Lock Me Up’ Track-by-Track EP Review

Universal Republic Records
Universal Republic Records

April 2014 was an interesting month for the Las Vegas pop rock band The Cab. On the 29th of April, the band released the EP entitled, Lock Me Up. During the week prior to the EP’s release, Alex Marshall (piano, guitar and backing vocals), announced that he would be departing the band. Lock Me Up consists of five tracks, and is the only release from the band in 2014.

The EP opens with the track, “Lock Me Up.” This opener gives out an alternative sound, with the meaning of wanting to be locked up in love. The song also says how he never wants to break free and how he will never get enough. While the song is very upbeat and alternative, the lyrics are few and repetitive.

Moon” is the second track on the album. This song starts off with an electronic beat, and the vocals have a filter on them. The song is something that you can dance too, and it talks about him taking her to the moon, and that they don’t need any lights. That can only mean one thing and it has nothing to do with space travel, but the act of mattress dancing. This is the type of song that is commonly seen in today’s hits.

Taking the third spot on the album is the song, “Numbers.” Starting off slow with the slight hits of piano keys, the song moves into a pop beat, keeping the slow vibe. This song is all about how out of everyone in the world, this one girl that he has in his life now is the only one that he wants. He talks about how he has travelled all over and yet has never had a love like this one.

Stand Up,” takes the second to last spot on the album. This track gives off a classic pop feel, with filtered voices that inspire you to stand back up when the world, and people, knock you down. The song touches on the topic of the scars that they leave, but how you just have to get back up and use them as an inspiration to push on.

Ending the album is “These Are The Lies.” The song starts off with the filtered voices and the slow piano sounds, moving up to clear vocals and an electronic beat. This last track tells how he is missing his ex, but he still tells himself that he is fine without her.

As this was the only release that we saw from The Cab in 2014, they really did not shock the world with these tracks, but they stayed with what they have previously done. While the music was mixed down perfectly, the filtered vocals were not necessary and the music, as well as the lyrics, are what we commonly see in most of today’s music. The EP, Lock Me Up, is available for purchase on iTunes.