Kim Gordon to Go on Book Tour for Memoir

Courtesy of Saint Laurent via Popsugar

Courtesy of Saint Laurent via Popsugar

Since splitting with her husband Thurston Moore and subsequently dismantling their band Sonic Youth back in 2011, Kim Gordon hasn’t been any less busy. She formed a new band with Bill Nace called Body/Head, has held numerous art projects and music releases, and has even made a few television appearances (check out last year’s seasons of Girls and Gossip Girl). Now, the 61-year old musician/artist has revealed that she will be going on a book signing tour for her soon-to-be released memoir Girl in a Band, and her fans should be very pleased to hear of whom will be involved with it.

Coming out February 24th, 2015 via Dey Street Books (an imprint of publisher Harper Collins), the book will iterate on Gordon’s life from her upbringing, experiences in the world of art, music, relationships, and connection with her daughter. also says the book will have an intrinsic theme regarding partnership and what happens after it dissolves, likely a reference to Gordon’s 27-year marriage with Moore that came to a rather unexpected and abrupt end.

To support the book,  Gordon will be going on an 11-day book signing tour starting February 23rd that will take her across the country. In addition to signing copies of her new books, she will hosting Q+A sessions, where other famous figures in literature, art and popular music will interview her. Some of these people include such recognizable faces as Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein, Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster, and novelist Elissa Schappell.

The dates, interviewers and locations are as follows: February 23rd at Greenlight Books/BAM Cinematek (with Margaret Bodde) in Brooklyn, NY; February 24th at The Strand (with Elissa Schappell) in Manhattan, NY; February 25th at Flyleaf/Cat’s Cradle (with Jon Wurster) in Chapel Hill, NC; February 26th at Chicago Humanities Festival (with Alison Cuddy) in Chicago, IL; February 27th at BookPeople (with Terry Lickona) in Austin, TX; March 1st at Bookworks/University of New Mexico (with Samantha Carillo) in Albuquerque, NM; March 2nd at Elliott Bay Books/The Neptune (with Bruce Pavitt) in Seattle, WA; March 3rd at Powell’s Books (with Jon Raymond) in Portland, OR; March 4th at JCC San Francisco (with Carrie Brownstein) in San Francisco, CA; March 5th at Live Talks LA (with Aimee Mann) in Santa Monica, CA; March 7th at MOCAtv (with Bennett Simpson) in Los Angeles, CA.

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