Shots Fired During Chris Brown Performance

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According to reports, five people were shot and injured while Chris Brown was performing at a birthday celebration. The gunshots were fired around 1:20 AM near the San Jose nightclub. Brown was not injured, but four of the victims were rushed to the hospital for gunshot wounds. The fifth victim showed up at the emergency room some time later. Police officers detained several people following the shooting.

This is not the first time Chris Brown has been at a nightclub shooting. Last year, Suge Knight attended a party where Brown was hosting for the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. An unknown assailant fired several shots, and Knight and two other men were shot. One witness said, “You could hear the gunshots very clearly. The entire club hit the ground and people were being escorted out with their hands up. Chris’ entourage covered him up pretty quickly and were pushing him out the door to get out.” Knight was taken to a local hospital and underwent surgery.

After the shooting incident, Brown left the following message on social media, “It’s disappointing that we as a society can’t have fun or enjoy ourselves without any altercations sometimes.” When Knight was released from the hospital, he addressed the shooting. Knight mentioned that he did not know who shot him, “Even if I did know, I don’t think that’s really important, who pulled the trigger, and who I seen pulled the trigger. I think that I’m doing extremely well, I’m happy to be doing well and whatever happens, happens.” Knight also said, “I went to the club, I enjoyed the club, I was shot inside the club and one thing my father always told me is no matter what it is, you never give up. You never quit if you start something, or you walk in a place one way, no matter what goes on, you leave the same way as a man. I was shot and I think it was important that I wanted to walk and make sure I got to the right place.” Since the incident, Knight has made a full recovery. No arrests have been made.