Flying Lotus Adds Screenwriter to His Resume

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Flying Lotus can add screenwriter to his extensive resume. The popular You’re Dead! DJ, producer, and artist is currently writing a film. Flying Lotus made the announcement on social media after a fan asked if he was going to release a project from his hip-hop alter-ego, Captain Murphy. The fan asked, “Any Murphy this year.” The producer replied, “Probably. I’m just having too much fun making beats and writing this stupid movie.” Apparently, Flying Lotus took a trip to Japan that turned out to be the inspiration for his film, “Had a few story ideas that kind of intersected when I went to Tokyo. So I been writing this movie for fun moments. Who knows what will happen.” The producer did not offer any more details on the film, but he did mention that he hopes to work with director Kahlil Joseph again. 

Kahlil Joseph directed Flying Lotus’ short film Until the Quiet Comes. The short film received the Special Jury Award for Short Film at The Sundance Film Festival. Flying Lotus has released five studio albums, 1983, Los Angeles, Cosmogramma, Until the Quiet Comes, and You’re Dead! in 2014. During an interview, he spoke about how tempting it is to do commercial music, “I felt like, the only way I was really going to win is if I just try and do me as much as possible. I get tempted by everybody else to just go with whatever status quo is. It seems like now more than ever, the underground scene guys are trying to get in on the pop shit, you know?” 

Flying Lotus will probably never be considered a mainstream artist, but he has worked alongside some big names in the music industry. His You’re Dead! album featured guest appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and Herbie Hancock. The rapper talked about working with the legendary Herbie Hancock on “Moment of Hesitation,” “When I started playing him the record, I was wondering if he would understand where we were really trying to go. He was super enthusiastic and excited to do it, so it sort of gave me the confidence to push the concept musically.” Fans are probably crossing their fingers, hoping Flying Lotus will release a project this year. 

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