Eminem Visits Dying Fan, Fan Dies Soon After

Courtesy of Lester Cohen / WireImage.com

Courtesy of Lester Cohen / WireImage.com

A young, terminally ill music fan has died a mere day after meeting his favorite musician, rapper Eminem. The rapper, also known by the alliterative moniker, Marshall Mathers, flew from Atlanta, Sunday night, to the small Michigan town of Rochester (which, itself, is about twenty minutes away from Eminem’s own home) to visit briefly with 17-year-old Gage Garmo.

Garmo, whom Gawker calls a “local hero,” attended Rochester High School, where he was on the football team until an aggressive, especially virulent strain of bone cancer called osteosarcoma sidelined him. He remained the team’s manager, however.

Eminem and his moribund young fan hung out for around an hour, which was presumably spent “just talking.” The visit appeared to have left Garmo, who would have turned 18 this Friday, in high spirits.

Gage Garmo passed away Monday night, not long after his friends and family staged a candlelight vigil in his honor on the Rochester High School football field. Per MyFOXDetroit, his family has stated, in part, that they would like to “thank everyone who made his final days so special.”

Celebrity-stalking media outlet TMZ reported the quiet visit between fan and rapper in their trademark pseudo-English while displaying a seemingly unparalleled love of the ellipsis; the coverage reads: “Eminem isn’t always the angry rapper who rips people on tracks … sometimes he’s the sweetheart who visits the home of a terminally ill fan … and doesn’t tell a soul about it. The fan in question is 17-year-old Gage Garmo … who has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, and has been told he only has one week to live. Just three days ago, Gage’s friends and family started up the hashtag #GetGageGarmoToMeetEminem … in an effort to … well, it’s obvious. The Real Slim Shady … is just a big softy.”

According to TMZ, Mr. Mathers didn’t want the media knowing about or reporting the visit to young Gage, though the rapper’s wishes failed to hold much gravity with the idolatrous website. However, perhaps Eminem could benefit from the publicity which, for a change, is actually positive. In recent months, the rapper has come under fire from all corners of the internet for making lyrical threats of violence toward high-profile women such as Lana Del ReyIggy Azalea, whom he threatened to rape on his track “Vegas,” and Janay Rice, the woman whose husband, former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, punched in the face in an Atlantic City hotel last year.

Eminem’s visit to this young, terminally ill fan isn’t the first publicized meeting between a high-profile artist and a dying fan; Taylor Swift made the news about a year ago for doing much the same thing

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