Discovering New Music Talent: Elijah Blake

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Discovering a great artist is like discovering a new restaurant that serves the best of your favorite meal. Sean Fenton, popularly known as Elijah Blake, is an American singer and songwriter born in the Dominican Republic. He has worked with big names in the industry like Usher, Trey Songz, J. Cole, and Rihanna among others. This alone gives you a sneak peek of how good he must be. You have to be vastly talented at creating the art of music to work with the best.

The first thing that will capture your attention about Elijah Blake is his unique vocal strength and his ability to emphasize the lyrics using excellent variations in the tones of his voice. He is one of those artists that sound like they sing as a passion and not as a career. When he sings, you feel like he was having fun in the booth, and the brainchild’s creation is perfection.
I must say, I am quite surprised he has not yet broken out and dominated music charts all over the globe. For someone that is so gifted and has been around since 2008, Elijah Blake should be the man to beat in the genres of R&B and soul. And with a history so rich in talent having co-written Usher’s “Climax,” which is easily one of Usher’s best songs, it is evident that Elijah Blake has undeniable talent.
Elijah Blake, the singer, is not any different from the song writer. The dose of excellence is equally distributed among his alter egos. It is almost like Bruce Wayne (Batman) having Tony Stark (Iron Man) as his alter ego. The two sides are all incredibly impressive, and when they share the same stage, you ought to prepare for a show of your life. If you looked up his lyrics and read through them before you listen to the songs, I can bet it will be like reading poetry. Now put that poetry on a beat, let Elijah’s vocals do you the honors, and you just might have created music that will stand the taste of time.
The song I think Elijah Blake outdid himself and anyone that will attempt a cover is titled “6”. Just “6”. On this song, he tells a story about being old but still behaving like a 6 year old because of some emotional wrecking experiences his father put him through. The lyrics are so pictorial and vividly written that he literally draws you into the song and you get sucked into the ruefulness of his story. You’d be a monster to not feel the slightest remorse for the child being talked about. The tonal variations as the song gets more intense emphasize the mental anguish this child was going through, and it’s amazing how impossible it is to avoid sympathizing with him. And “6” is not even his best song.
One of the most exciting things about good music is having everyone listen to it and together you can discuss how awesome the music is. I would be extremely selfish if I did not tell you that Elijah Blake is the best sound that could happen to your ears this year. And good news for anyone wishing to give their ears a treat, he has a mixtape titled Bijoux 22 and an EP titled Drift, so best believe you have plenty of good new music to update your daily playlist with. He is also working on an album set to be released this year titled Songs About Melody, and I can confidently assure you that this album will be a masterwork.