Lil B Manages to Escape Tragic Apartment Fire

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Rapper Lil B escaped from a fire that burned through the California duplex he lives in. Lil B’s neighbor, Mateo Ysmael, pounded on the rapper’s door to alert him about the fire. The 15 year old’s actions ultimately saved Lil B’s life, “I’m grateful to be alive. If that kid didn’t come knocking on my door…” Lil B said the fire burned the majority of his stage clothes and some of his music. Luckily, all of the buildings’ occupants managed to escape the fire. The rapper sent out a few messages on social media. “Thank you to the contra costa county fire department! For helping and loving me, thanks to the battalion chief and red cross thank u (sic).” Lil B continued, “Still in shock about the fire that was not my fault this is a game changer and wake up everyone who does not care about me thank you…” He continued by reiterating how important love is. The artist also thanked all of his supporters. Lil B sent a message to his social media followers asking for donations, regarding his tragic ordeal. All donations should be sent to Lil B’s PayPal account.

Lil B is best known for building his hip-hop career through social media websites. His ability to build such an extensive online presence has been compared to the way Soulja Boy built his career. Before his successful solo career, Lil B was a member of The Pack. The group’s song “Vans” became an unexpected hit in 2006. Although Lil B is still affiliated with The Pack, he releases most of his projects as a solo artist.

The rapper has released seven studio albums, and well over forty mixtapes since 2007. Besides rapping, Lil B is also the author of the book Takin’ Over: By Imposing the Positive! The book was published in 2009 through Kele Publishing. Lil B is in the process of writing a second book. Last year, the rapper released the documentary Basedworld. The movie focuses on the rapper’s lifestyle as he navigates through the world. Lil B has popularized the word “based,” he is also referred to as the BasedGod.

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