Jennifer Lopez Saves Lackluster American Idol

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If there is any reason people should still watch the new season of American Idol, it’s Jennifer Lopez. The strong presence of the “On The Floor” diva emanates through the screen. The aura she radiates saves the already bland production of the reality show, which faces tough competition from The Voice. While talented hopeful souls are the main focus of these shows, high production value should also be a core goal.  For American Idol, the already tired treatment became the main reason why this season did not start off too strong. Good thing that Jennifer Lopez provides her splendor, which generates enough energy to support the other two judges.

Without a doubt, American Idol has a very long prestigious history of star making power. In terms of its alumni, the show is already legendary in its own right.  The show was able to produce worldwide superstars like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Even non-winners from the show were able to make names for them; take for example Adam Lambert, Colbie Calliat, and Jennifer Hudson, just to name a few. However, a glorious past is not enough to maintain the sparkle of a show; it’s entertainment television, and therefore, people must find reasons to stay tuned in.

In its premiere episode, American Idol failed to match the production excellence of The Voice. While it may appear unfair to compare, one cannot help but draw a parallel to the two shows. The Voice has made a strong mark on television, partially because of its unmatched staging. In American Idol, there have been instances when a cameraman or a boom mic was caught on camera. With a show like Idol, those things should not happen; it’s not live news. Surely, there should be ample time for pre-production.

The saving grace of the show, on the other hand, is the mighty capacity of Jennnifer Lopez to make an adequately dull production into a pleasurable viewing experience. The manner in which J.Lo interacts with the auditionees is very engaging. She shows enough interest to listen to what the artist tries to convey in his or her audition. Her constructive criticisms – from the performance to the overall look – are very valid and noteworthy.

After her downfall in the desperate “Booty,” it’s great to see J.Lo in what she does best, which is to inspire through her personality. With this, any production shortcoming of Idol can be forgiven; as long as J.Lo finishes the season the way she started it, and brings even more to the table. After all, because of her, American Idol is still a great viewing experience.