Demi Lovato Expects to Have Her Moment in 2015

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Demi Lovato was everywhere last year. In May, she collaborated with with The Vamps in a song called “Somebody to You” for the group’s debut album, Meet the Vamps. On the same month, she announced her first world tour, the Demi World Tour, which would cover 25 cities. By November, she opened the United Kingdom leg of Enrique IglesiasSex and Love Tour. Ever the multi-tasker, she still had the time to collaborate with her friend Nick Jonas on the song “Avalanche,” which was released in November 2014, too. However, it still did not make Demi Lovato tired. On January 19, 2015, she took to Twitter and said that her moment is yet to come.

Demi Lovato tweeted some good news for her fans all over the world. First, she said she has not had her moment yet, and it is coming this 2015. Few hours after, she updated her over 26 million followers how excited she was for what is in store for her and her fans. Probably, the “incredible meetings” she was referring to are about the platforms that will shape the “moment” she is expecting this 2015.

It is no denying that Demi Lovato has some of the most loyal fans in the entire biosphere. Her influence already reaches great heights, even after she decided not to continue her stint on The X Factor. She peaks even more after she sang a version of the already classic Frozen original soundtrack, “Let It Go.”

In terms of creative vision, Demi Lovato does not disappoint. The girl also has a great amount of talent that she definitely knows how to use appropriately. The only hope now is for Demi not to veer away from the truth of her music. She must continue to reinvent herself and remain an advocate for a better world of Pop.

On her next momentous album, optimistically, Demi Lovato should collaborate with other innovative artists around. It is difficult to suggest, because, surely, Demi already envisions whom she wants to work with artistically. However, collaborating with Sam Smith in an “I’m Not the Only One” kind of song, or probably Ed Sheeran, would not hurt. At the end of the day, we should just trust Demi Lovato. As one of her tweets said, “you might pee yourself. It’s that good.”