Fifth Harmony: ‘Worth It’ Single Review

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After a few delays, some amazing performances, a tour announcement and an unwavering fan base ready to hear new music, Fifth Harmony is finally hitting their stride when it comes to their music. People are finally embracing their current single “Sledgehammer,” and it’s gaining a lot of popularity, from getting the top 40 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart to their current #37 spot on iTunes top singles chart. Not wanting to lose any momentum, the ladies of Fifth Harmony decided to start a Twitter challenge over the weekend called #5HWorthIt. After enough album pre-orders, fans would be able to listen to “Worth It,” a track off their debut album Reflection featuring rapper Kid Ink. I’ve been waiting all weekend to hear a sample of the album, and now that “Worth It” is finally out, I guess the obvious question is…was it worth it?

Taking a page out of the successful single playbook of last year, Fifth Harmony decided to give their sound that rhythmic pop feel with the help of a saxophone that drives the sassy track. “Give it to me I’m worth it.” Camila Cabello demands on the booming chorus and I’m ready to follow Cabello’s command. As soon as I hear Cabello’s sass-filled vocals, I knew that this track definitely has radio appeal. As the song continues to progress, I hear bits of Ariana Grande’s “Problem” and Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty,” and I feel like that familiar sound will help this track do well on the charts if the group decides to make “Worth It” a single.

Kid Ink has had a ton of commercial success on his own with a few hit singles (“Show Me”, “Main Chick”, “Body Language”) and a successful debut album (My Own Lane). While I usually like what Ink can add to a track, he doesn’t add much to this record other than crossover appeal, so “Worth It” can play on more urban formats. I’m feeling Dinah Jane’s verse on the record, and Normani Kordei sounds good on her solo before the chorus hits; however, Cabello is definitely the driving force on this one.

If you weren’t a fan of Fifth Harmony’s squeaky clean Better Together EP, and your heart wasn’t beating like a sledgehammer for their last single, “Worth It” may be the track that wins you over. The production is solid, the lyrics are catchy, and “Worth It” is Fifth Harmony’s most mature record yet. Reflection is set to come out in a few weeks (February 2nd), and I’m hoping that we don’t experience another pushback. With production from some of the biggest hit makers (Stargate, Dr. Luke, Rock City), dope writers (Victoria Monet, Meghan Trainor, Jacob Kasher), and five very talented artists, I don’t see how this couldn’t be a solid album. The label needs to have a little more faith in these girls, but I’m expecting this album to be the push Fifth Harmony needs to reach mainstream success.

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