Kid Rock Posts Controversial Hunting Pics

Courtesy of Clay P. McBride via

Courtesy of Clay P. McBride via

Kid Rock posted several pictures from his hunting trips on social media. The rocker’s pictures showed the animals Rock apparently killed during these hunting trips. The photos received praise from some people, and criticism from others. One of Rock’s supporters was fellow Detroit rock star, Ted Nugent. After Kid Rock posted the photo of him with a recently killed buck, Nugent sent Rock the following message, “Gotta call my fellow MotorCity RockDog KidRock very Xcited (sic) about his big AL buck! Im (sic) afraid the man is hooked on the Great Spirit of the Wild now!”

Rock’s hunting picture holding a dead cougar caused the biggest controversy. One woman in particular expressed her thoughts on the photo, “Lost all respect for Kid Rock. No excuse killing such a beautiful animal for sport! I will never go to any of your concerts or listen to anything you sing ever again.” She continued, “Shame on you, deer is one thing but a beautiful leaped? You don’t rock in my Detroit work ever again.” Ted Nugent decided to defend Rock amidst all the controversy, “With more mountain lions in North America than ever in recorded history, this magnificent big game animal represents the unique American wildlife success story of hunters paying the way & demanding science based management.” Nugent also cheered on hunters to continue to kill cougars. Nugent mentioned that cougars destroy millions of dollars in livestock, and that people should be more concerned with the farmers and ranchers who are affected by the animal. He concluded his post with the words, “Lion-the other white meat!”

Kid Rock has a history of animal rights activists criticizing him. In 2008, Rock was photographed wearing a fur coat in England. After PETA attacked the singer for wearing the fur coat, the rock star said he wanted to “go to war with PETA.” He also said his biggest extravagance are his fur coats, and Rock added that he has “every kind of animal” in his wardrobe. Kid Rock also dared PETA to throw red paint on him, he reiterated that the animal rights activists only throws red paint on “little Hollywood actresses” who cannot defend themselves.

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