Weird Al Yankovic Going on Massive World Tour

Photo Courtesy of Seth Olenick via
Photo Courtesy of Seth Olenick via

Weird Al Yankovic will embark on an international tour this year. The comedian-singer’s massive 2015 Mandatory World Tour starts on May 12th in Las Vegas, Nevada and concludes October 6th in Dublin, Ireland. Yankovic did, however, address the “holes” in his tour schedule. The comedian said some of the dates on his tour weren’t confirmed yet, and some of the shows couldn’t be announced due to contractual reasons. “Hey guys! I’ve been reading all your comments, and I feel like I should clarify a few things… First of all, this bears repeating – I basically have NO CONTROL over where I play.” He added, “There’s no reason to thank me if I’m playing in your city, and there’s REALLY no reason to get mad at me if I’m not. I don’t decide what city I play, or what venue I play…” 

Yankovic has recorded fourteen studio albums. His last project Mandatory Fun was released in 2014, and featured parodies of songs by Pharrell Williams, Robin Thicke, Iggy Azalea, Lorde, and Imagine Dragons. After thirty-two years, Mandatory Fun is his first number one album in the US. Yankovic has sold over twelve million albums, and has recorded more than 150 parody and original songs. He’s earned three Grammy Awards and eleven nominations. Yankovic has also accumulated four gold albums and six platinum records in the US. 

During an interview with The Guardian, Yankovic spoke about his breakthrough song “Eat It,” the parody of Michael Jackson‘s “Beat It.” “People talk about overnight fame, and usually, that’s an exaggeration, but in this case it really wasn’t. MTV put the video on eight times a day, and it got very odd: as a person who was fairly anonymous his whole life, I’d suddenly be walking down the street and having people stare at me.” Weird Al Yankovic will be the voice of Dollmaker in the Batman vs. Robin animated superhero film. In the past, he has starred in The Naked Gun, Spy Hard, Haunted Lighthouse, and Halloween II in 2009. Yankovic has also made guest appearances in a number of television shows including 30 Rock, Children’s Hospital, and Galavant in 2015.