Michelle Williams Rightfully Defends Beyoncé

Courtesy of Derek Blanks via christianpost.com

Courtesy of Derek Blanks via christianpost.com

Michelle Williams defended her Destiny’s Child group member, Beyoncé, on The View yesterday. Williams was a guest host on The View, and one of the celebrity guests on the show was none other than Mike Huckabee. The Fox News host appeared on The View to promote his book about family values entitled, God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy. The book also notoriously slams pop star Beyoncé by criticizing her music. Huckabee claims her music is too vulgar and encourages young girls to be strippers.

Williams defended Beyoncé’s right to freely express herself. Williams told Huckabee that she was highly offended by his comments regarding the singer in his book. “She [Beyoncé] had some freedom and she owned it and she took it, so I was definitely offended– I’m not the Carter spokesperson.” Williams also called Huckabee’s comments “very, very, very, low.” A few days prior to his appearance on The View, Huckabee took his controversial comments to Jon Stewart‘s Daily Show a few days ago. Stewart defended Beyoncé by telling Huckabee that he was “diminishing Beyoncé in a way that’s truly outrageous.”  

Beyoncé‘s album that Huckabee is referring to is her self-titled effort released in 2013. The album was ranked by several publications as the best album of 2013. Beyoncé was her fifth consecutive number one album in the country. In just three days, Beyoncé sold a record 828,773 copies, and it has sold five million copies to date. The album’s biggest singles were “Drunk In Love,” “Pretty Hurts,” “XO,” “Flawless,” and “Partition.” Beyoncé’s song “Flawless” features a speech, We Should All Be Feministsdelivered and written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

The song addresses the worth of a woman in a male-dominated society. “Flawless” touches on the stereotypes associated with women as well. Although the record was faced with criticism over its lyrical content, the singer felt the aggressive and angry lyrics appropriately fit the tone of the song. Beyoncé said the song made her feel strong, and it validated how she was feeling on that particular day when she recorded it. Ironically, Beyoncé also mentioned she was defending herself on this song. The singer left a statement for anyone who doesn’t like “Flawless,” “try imagining a person who hates you, and then listen to the song again.”

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