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Paul Banks, once again took control and directed the latest music video for Interpol’s single, “Everything is Wrong,” from the El Pintor album, and also directed alongside with Carlos Puga. The feature video is in black and white and shows a day in NYC following band members, Paul Banks, Sam Forgarino, and Daniel Kessler, on their way to an Interpol show. “Everything is Wrong,” is one of the most lighthearted visual depictions we have ever seen Interpol. Playfulness in the video is credited to Banks’ sense of humor as Forgarino and Kessler are shown as positive members of society. Banks on the other hand, is shown as a “creep,” and this is Banks’ sense of humor depicting himself as the stereotypical musician with an inflated ego hiding behind a body guard.

As creepiness goes, the video starts out with the backside of an attractive woman walking down the street, capturing her motions on screen, while Banks walks down the steps of his house, and also captures her movements with his eyes. The subtitle, “creep,” is flashed as we get a glimpse of the woman, who is Banks’ wife, Helena Christensen, or as the credits states, “babe on the street.” Banks takes one last look at Christensen walking away and greets his bodyguard, who is Jason Lee, the boxer shown in Interpol’s, “Twice as Hard” music video.

Simultaneously, each member is also getting ready to start their day and the video is a blend of their events pieced together for comparison. Kessler and Forgarino are then seen emerging from their own dwelling on their way, accompanied by no one, and simply enjoying the scenery of the city. Within the first 35 seconds of the video, and the song’s introduction, we have a clear picture of the type of jerk Banks has become. He walks behind Lee, sporting his NY sweater, hood on and confidence in his steps, mirroring the strides of a hip-hop artist. Texting on his phone, and not paying attention, Banks then bumps into a fan on the sidewalk taking a picture of a mural, which is the background seen on Interpol’s website, Interpolnation. This so called “dork taking the picture,” is Puga. Banks then mouths, “it’s a sideWALK, dude,” emphasis on “walk,” and then continues to be tough behind Lee. While the music builds, there are in between shots of Banks face perfectly placed behind the shoulder of Lee that adds subtle hints of intensity, and at times quite humorous.

Forgarino, enjoys his stroll, coffee in hand, and manages to stumble across an attractive woman walking her dog. He then begins with the small talk, and flirtatious smiles are shown on both their faces, while a magical heart appears in between them during their conversation. Kessler, also strides with his happy-go-lucky demeanor and assists an elderly woman cross the street. The next scene shows Kessler successfully at the other end eating an ice-cream in all its glory.

Back and forth the shots continue throughout the video, to build Kessler and Forgarino’s high marks in society as Banks’ ego gets the best of him. A fan stops to ask for Lee’s autograph and takes a second glance at Banks, not knowing who he is, while Banks’ return facial expression is as a hurt child not being recognized.

On the street Forgarino is complimented and Kessler is recognized and stopped by friends. The complete opposite goes for Banks, who spots actor Chris Abbott on the phone. Abbott shrugs him off, implying the phone call is important. Banks and Lee continue to walk down the street, while Lee places a boom-box on his shoulder per Banks’ request to play his “jams.” Possibly playing one of Banks’ Mixtapes, such as “Everybody On My D*ck Like They Supposed To Be,” a collaboration of Banks and High Prizm in 2013. The faces of disgust continue for Banks while there are nothing but smiles for Forgarino and Kessler.

Moments before the show Kessler and Forgarino are getting ready, enjoying the company, and even indulging in a shave, while Banks appears without Lee, momentarily sitting in deep thought to the break of the song. Without a bodyguard, Banks’ macho and cocky attitude fades as he begins to prepare for the concert, and dress in a polished attire we are comfortable seeing him in.

The ending of the video is Interpol performing at a concert, and shots of their loyal fans cheering and singing along. For as simple as the video is, the humorous scenes being displayed are different for Interpol, and in the most unique, interesting way. Not only does it show Banks in a different light, even the description of the cast is light – for example naming his wife “the babe” and a random guy as the “cool dude.” A possible reminder from Banks to be less serious, or not to analyze too much into the work, and enjoy the intimacy of the band that is being shown. A perfect visual display of everything that is wrong.

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