Noel Gallagher Not Opposed to Oasis Reunion

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Noel Gallagher left Oasis in 2009, but he revealed to Q magazine that he’s not opposed to reuniting with his brother and former bandmates. Nearly six years ago, Noel and his younger sibling Liam’s constant fighting finally boiled over at a festival in Paris. The Gallagher brothers got into a physical altercation that caused Noel’s departure, and it seemed a reunion would be impossible. The possibility of the reunion may offer fans a glimpse of hope, but Gallagher mentioned he would only reunite with the band for a lot of money. During his interview with Q magazine, Gallagher spoke about his motivation behind reuniting, “If I was ever going to do it, it would only be for the money. This isn’t me putting it out there, by the way. Would I do it for charity? No way. We’re not that kind of people.” The rocker added, “For Glastonbury? I don’t think [promoter] Michael Eavis has got enough money.”

In regards to the two mending their relationship, the older brother did mention that he has been in the same room as Liam Gallagher. He also said he was upset that Liam’s band, Beady Eye, had split last year. The rock star does have a concern that Oasis may not be as good as they used to be. “Yeah, we’re not as good as we used to be. I think it’s ingrained in the English psyche – this idea that the glory days, the Empire, are behind us,” Gallagher told Q magazine.

As far as “glory days,” Oasis was one of the greatest bands of their era. Before Gallagher’s departure, Oasis had sold over seventy million records worldwide, and accumulated eight number one singles in the United Kingdom. Their album (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? sold an impressive 347,000 copies in its first week in 1995. It spent ten weeks at Number 1 on the UK Albums Chart, and climbed to Number 4 on the US Billboard 200. One of the band’s most successful songs,Wonderwall,” was voted the best British song of all time. “Wonderwall” went on to sell one million copies, and it earned two Grammy Award nominations. In 2010, Gallagher formed the band, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. The band is expected to release their second album entitled Chasing Yesterday on March 2.