Hoodie Allen Discusses New Music, Upcoming Tour

Courtesy of genius.com

Courtesy of genius.com

Rapper Hoodie Allen opened for Iggy Azalea at Winterfest/Park City Live on Saturday. Allen recently did an interview during Sundance 2015 to discuss his new music, upcoming tour with Fall Out Boy, and collaboration with Ed Sheeran. Allen sat down with Billboard magazine to discuss working with Ed Sheeran on “All About It,” “I’ve known Ed for a really long time. We’ve always been buddies and every time he’s in New York we hang out.” He continued, “We finished the whole song in four hours. And eight months later after tweaking the beat nonstop, we had the final version and we knew it was going to make the album.” 

The rapper is heading out on tour with Fall Out Boy on their North American Tour. Allen plans on completing a mixtape for the fans who attend the show dates. He hopes to have the mixtape done before the tour starts on June 10th. “I’m going to try to put together a free mixtape for that Fall Out Boy tour, so that new fans and old fans can enjoy a new batch of music– even though ‘People Keep Talking‘ is pretty new,” the rapper told Billboard magazine. Allen concluded, “In the Internet age everything goes really quickly and people want new stuff fast.” 

Hoodie Allen is an independent recording artist who made a name for himself releasing several mixtapes including Bagels and Beats, Making Waves, Pep Rally, and Crew Cuts. The mixtapes made their way through the underground music circuit and helped Allen build a pretty large fan base. Today, his faithful fan base is referred to as “The Hoodie Mob.” He released his first EP All American in 2012. The EP went to Number 10 on the Billboard 200 in its first week. Two years later, Allen released his debut studio album People Keep Talking. The album sold 30,000 in its first week, and debuted at Number 8 on the Billboard albums chart. The rapper has been on a number of tours in just two years including The All American Tour, the Excellent Adventure Tour, the Fake ID and a Passport Tour, and last year’s People Keep Talking Tour. 

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