Imagine Dragons: ‘Shots’ Single Review

Interscope Records

Interscope Records

How can you possibly do a follow-up from such a great hit such as, “Radioactive,” and other tracks from Imagine DragonsNight Visions album? “Shots” would be the answer. The new track released by the alternative rockers is taken from their new album, Smoke + Mirrors, which will be released on February 17th. “Shots” is a track that is heavily based on the era of the 80s and a galore of synths placed neatly to produce an instant hit. The worthy aspect of the song is the ability of displaying the creative outlet Imagine Dragons’ sounds and adaptability are capable of, in regards of a follow-up album, which produced so many hits. Billboard named them “The Breakthrough Band of 2013,” in addition to their songs topping the charts. In some cases, artists feel that they cannot compete with such success. This courageous leap to play with different sounds is what set Imagine Dragons apart in 2013, and the instant catchiness of “Shots,” seem to be a great reflection of what is to be expected on the album.

Instead of opening off slow and rising to the climatic part of the song, “Shots” starts off on a high note. The peaks of a guitar is heard within the first few seconds, along with Dan Reynolds’ high, yet controlled voice, singing, “I’m sorry for everything / oh everything I’ve done.” With such an upbeat melody and the delivery by Reynolds, it is interesting to dive into the lyrics that are filled with so much remorse and honesty. The central theme behind the title, and seen in the chorus is, once again this remorse and apologetic side, trying to explain and possibly within time try again. “I’m sorry for everything, oh everything I’ve done / I’ve done from the second that I was born it seems I had a loaded gun / and then I shot, shot, shot, a hole through everything I love / do I shot, shot, shot, a hole through every single that I loved.”

The catchy and meaningful chorus is a flashback to the 80s, with synths, keyboards, and every ear-pleasing sound that could be produced, is produced, with a steady drum beat mimicking the words, “shots, shots, shots,” in measure. By the second minute, the roar of the song, especially heard in the drums and vocal approach, would be the inventive part of the track. Lyrically, in sync with the music, the story is now preaching to “change your mind.” Capability to produce light sounds with great lyrical value is a reason why Imagine Dragons continue to push sound boundaries.

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