Karen O: ‘Day by Day’ Music Video Review

Courtesy of Karen O via YouTube

Courtesy of Karen O via YouTube

Crush Songs by Karen O, former Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ screamer, is a heartfelt solo album that was released in September of 2014, under Julian Casablanca’s label, Cult records. Recently, Karen O released the video for “Day by Day,” directed by Wiissa, which is the combination of Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe – a couple who makes “nostalgic” film and photography. “Day by Day,” is no exception to the nostalgic and tender theme the duo is known for. Amanda Musacchia and Lucas Long play the romantic couple, while the video follows them in their cloud of love.

For a better insight on the song, Karen O stated on her YouTube page about the video: “I wrote this song when I was living in Los Angeles and my boyfriend was stuck freezing in NYC, I really needed my fix of being with him but was miles away.” The tenderness that is felt in the video and song itself is Karen O’s longing for her lover, and the visual depiction of the couple is a reflection of that one moment in time. That moment is on repeat when she was alone and missing him, for he too also drives a Vespa, as seen in the video. The feeling is relatable for anybody who has ever been in love.

Seen as the fly on the wall, the intimacy being shown in the couple is pure. It makes one remember what it is like to be in love and more importantly, the innocence of love. The starring couple doesn’t have a worry in the world. Each other’s company is what consumes the screen, and the vintage aspect of direction references to the simplicity and unquestioning reactions one experiences in love. From the simple acts of affection shown, to the shots of the grass blowing beneath the wind, the video is a time portal to that one love. It follows the couple from the start of the day to the sunset they share together, and is a visual delight.

The song itself is a simple 2:25 minute track of an acoustic guitar and Karen O’s grit and unique lull as she sings, “I’m burning for you.” Simplicity is the key with this song in all aspects. The lyrics are short and to the point, and the way Karen O sings in addition to the video is what displays the intimacy. If familiar with the album Crush Songs, the raw delivery of Karen O comes in a short, minimal of 2 minute tracks, focused on the rise and fall of love, this being one of them. As stated on her website, “When I was 27 I crushed a lot, I wasn’t sure I’d ever fall in love again. These songs were written and recorded in private around this time. They are the soundtrack to what was an ever continuing love crusade. I hope they keep you company on yours.”

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