Anonymous Soundcloud Tracks Could Be Aphex Twin

Courtesy of Martyn Goodacre / Getty Images

Courtesy of Martyn Goodacre / Getty Images

Over the past few days, an anonymous Soundcloud user has continued to release hours of uncredited electronic material which bares close similarity to the work of Aphex Twin. The nondescript account user48736353001 has uploaded an upwards of 100 tracks in the course of 4 days with little to no indication of the mind behind the music. Many believe that music producer Richard D. James, known for being mysterious throughout his career as Aphex Twin, is somehow behind the whole affair. James himself has remained characteristically silent on the matter.

The mystery has caught wind online, leading many to speculate about the origins of this massive leak of material. Longstanding fans strongly believe that the tracks share the recognizable style of James’ more early work from the 90s. This has led many to believe that the tracks being shared are old songs that never found a place on any of his major releases and are just now being released to the public. The founder of The Planet Mu, who worked closely with Aphex Twin in releasing his 1996 record Expert Knob Twiddlers, claims to have had “recognized some tracks from James’ old tapes.”

While this all seems pretty straightforward at first glance, more recent discoveries made by Rolling Stone have only added to the mystery. Earlier this week, “user48736353001″ commented directly on Aphex Twin’s track Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed [snr2mix]” foreshadowing the release:

“Would like to know the full setup for this track, brilliant music man. I love your early 90’s stuff so much, I was doing stuff in the early 90’s, similar to you but I didn’t know about you when I did it! I’m also 43 years old :) I’m going to be uploading it to Soundcloud soon, gotta dust off the old DAT’s & cassettes!”

In accordance with this, the very first track uploaded by “user48736353001″ titled “8 Utopia” was accompanied by the tag #likeearlyaphex and a brief description reading, “like early aphex but I’d never heard of him when I wrote all these tracks im going to be uploading.”

In this light, it appears that we could be welcoming a new, independent artist into the electronic scene. However, when considering such an expansive catalogue of tracks that so closely resemble Aphex Twin’s unique approach to composition, many are left questioning whether or not this is truly the case. James has previously discussed using digital media in unexpected ways. He could very well be experimenting in a different way, now constructing alter-egos instead of compositions. Listen to the anonymous catalogue here.

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