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Idina Menzel, who is best-known for belting out Frozen‘sLet It Go,” has just landed a new television job. Menzel will star in a half-hour comedy entitled Happy Time. According to Deadline reports, Menzel will play the role of a famous woman who is tired of pretending to be happy all of the time. Happy Time will be produced by Warner Brothers TV and Ellen DeGeneresA Very Good Production company. Menzel’s acting career includes roles on Broadway, film, and television. On Broadway, she has starred in Rent, Hair, Aida, Wicked, and Nero. Menzel won a Tony award for Best Actress in a Musical (2004) for her role in Wicked. The singer has also made film appearances in the movie version of Rent, Kissing Jessica Stein, Enchanted, and Frozen. Menzel’s guest appearances on television include acting roles on Rescue Me, Private Practice, Kevin Hill, and a recurring three-year stint on Glee.

Idina Menzel will make her Super  Bowl appearance today, she is singing the National Anthem. During a press conference for the NFL Network, she spoke to reporters about people placing bets on whether or not she will forget the words to the National Anthem. There are also people betting on how long it will take her to perform the song. Menzel told ABC News, “Oh, I love it. If they’re talking about me at the Super Bowl, I like it! I can’t help them though because I haven’t timed it yet.” She continued, “But I’ve been promising some people, if they let me know, I can maybe, like, glance up at the clock and then hold the vibrato a little longer and try to work it out.”

Menzel has performed the National Anthem before, but not on a stage as big as the Super Bowl. The singer did admit, she’s a little nervous. “I get nervous whenever I perform. I think it’s just something, as a live performer, you get used to, and you try to rein it in and learn how to work with it, and that’s just what we do,” Menzel told ABC News. Idina Menzel also said she is not going to try to live up to Whitney Houston‘s “The Star Spangled Banner” performance in 1991. “Ever since I saw Whitney Houston do it at the Super Bowl, I would emulate her as a singer, and she was a huge idol of mine,” Menzel said. She continued, “I can’t do it better than she did it. So I’ve just got to bring my own thing to it.” John Legend will perform “America The Beautiful” at the Super Bowl, and Katy Perry is the halftime show entertainer.

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