Kid Ink feat. R. Kelly: ‘Dolo’ Single Review

RCA Records

RCA Records

Kid Ink is sealing his position in the industry, and as we await his third album titled Full Speed, he gives us yet another single, “Dolo,” featuring the pied piper of R&B, R. Kelly. In case you don’t see it already, let me point out this exciting thing about this song for you: it’s R. Kelly (a legend in the industry) and Kid Ink (a young hot artist in the industry) on the same track. It’s creates a ‘the past acknowledges the future’ kind of feeling, especially when you listen to how R. Kelly dedicated himself on this track.

Undoubtedly, Kid Ink is the hottest young urban rapper in the game right now, and he sure has a treat for us on his next album. Already we know it features Usher, Tinashe, Chris Brown, Dej Loaf, and Trey Songz among other artists, and this line up is building nothing but high expectations.

A familiar sound, “Lemme see it,” welcomes you to the song “Dolo.” This is the very famous sound of Nic Nac production. Remember Chris Brown’s “Loyal?” I bet you do. So now you know what to expect from anything by Nic Nac production and for now, my focus is on “Dolo.”

The best part of this song is definitely R. Kelly, and your anxiety to hear him on the song is not over stretched as he is the first one to sing. His pleasant voice tells her how he sees no one else but her alone, and if you were a lady, hearing this from R. Kelly would be extremely flattering. This is exactly what he does on this song – his magnificent voice brings out this message loud and clear. And given the concept of the song, there is no better “lady lover” that could have done the job well like R. Kelly. Thus, I strongly believe Kid Ink chose the perfect artist to feature on “Dolo.” R. Kelly also sings the third verse of the song, and all I can say is, it was pretty awesome. It sounded like R. Kelly could have been a fairly impressive rapper had he chosen that direction.

One would assume that it is practically impossible to present a memorable verse after R. Kelly has sang, but this assumption does not seem to affect Kid Ink at all. It is his song after all and he makes sure you keep that mind. His attention-getting rhymes are impossible to miss: “Everything is a go doe / I been looking at you dancing like a Go-go / Girl hold that for the photo / ain’t got drink in your cup, that’s a no no.” These lines are from his first verse, and they are a “wow moment” as he raps to a much laid urban beat that gets your shoulders infectiously moving to it. Kid Ink on this song still presents that unique flow that distinguishes him from the rest of the artists doing his kind of music, and his delivery remains unchallenged.

Kid Ink and R. Kelly on the same song gives us what I believe is the best song I’ve heard from him in anticipation of his new album in a few days. The song is a must have, and the video – if it ever arrives – will definitely be a must watch. Nic Nac production so far has not disappointed, and a great instrumental deserves a great artist. We are privileged to have two great artists on this one. R. Kelly does such an exceptional job on “Dolo” and as good as Kid Ink performs on this track, the hook and R. Kelly’s verse are the parts of the song that you keep looking forward to. It is a well-balanced song and both artists put up a great show. You should get it; don’t wait for it on the album. The song is a beautiful piece from both artist. Now go on and getting a little taste of what ‘Chef Kid Ink’ is cooking on this album won’t hurt.

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