Andrew McMahon to Delay Upcoming Solo Plans

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Indie-pop singer and former lead singer of Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate, Andrew McMahon, has delayed his plans of becoming a solo artist. His four-song EP, The Pop Underground, in 2013 received mostly favorable reviews. As the lone single, “Synesthesia,” though much different from past work, has been praised for being genuinely personal and one of the most reflective songs that he has ever released.

In July 2014, the lead singer shared on his website that Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness would be his latest musical project, and can expect an album release and tour to follow shortly thereafter. Within a week, McMahon, James Flannigan, and his longtime partner, Anders Grahn, released the first album single entitled, “Cecilia and the Satellite,” in honor of his daughter who born just two weeks later. 

On July 11, 2014, McMahon posted on his website that the next progression in his musical career would be to tour and release music under the moniker of. A few days later, the first single from the album was released; McMahon described his new work as a more refined version of what he was doing during The Pop Underground. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness was officially released October 14, 2014.

McMahon was recently asked by Lehigh Valley Music about his decision to postpone his solo career so soon, “… I feel like it was a combination of the two things. The Wilderness for me is as much a project title as it is a reference to any band. I think sort of the stage I was working my way through when all of this came to light – including the EP – was sort of this wilderness moment, and whether or not I hang onto it for many record to come or if it’s just this one.”

He also went on to say that after his time working on the NBC television show Smash that he has considered working on a musical, although he would not share any further information on its development. The Somebody Told Me: A Night of Songs and Stories tour with McMahon, Brett Dennen, Glen Phillips, Jonathan Kingham, will be playing in Ann Arbor (Michigan) at the Ark, before leaving for the UK at the end of February. 

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