The Grammy Museum Opens Tupac Shakur Exhibit

Courtesy of TupacShakurLC via Twitter
Courtesy of TupacShakurLC via Twitter

The Grammy Museum has opened its latest exhibit, All Eyez on Me: The Writings of Tupac Shakur. Director John Singleton was one of the members of the panel, which also consisted of Shakur’s family, fellow musicians, fans, and friends. Singleton directed the rapper in 1993 film, Poetic Justiceand he is currently working on the Tupac Shakur biopic. Singleton was asked about the state of the Shakur biopic during the exhibit, and the director answered, “I’m going to dodge that right now. I’m a very passionate person who wants to make the movie the way I want to make it.” He added, “Tupac’s soul would come back and haunt my ass if it wasn’t done right. His journey was so specific, but it affected billions of people.” Singleton was asked what he thinks it would take to make the right movie, and he replied that the film has to be just as bold as the rapper. Singleton explained that Shakur did things that offended people, but his “soul was so deep.” 

Public Enemy‘s Chuck D was also at the exhibit as a panelist. Chuck D said there would never be another Tupac Shakur, because he wasn’t afraid to push the envelope in music or his acting career. “It was his boldness, like with the single ‘Brenda’s Got a Baby.’ He was doing some mountain moving shit with his words and movies,” Chuck D told the crowd. Tupac Shakur’s mother, sister, and stepbrother were all in attendance at his exhibit. Money B (Digital Underground), E.D.I Mean (the Outlawz), and YG were also there in attendance. Digital Underground is well-known for launching the career of Shakur in the 1990s, and the Outlawz are a hip-hop group that was founded by Shakur in 1995. They were featured on a large number of the rapper’s songs including “Hit ‘Em Up,” “When We Ride,” and “Mage N****z.”

Tupac Shakur was signed to Death Row Records in 1995 by Suge Knight. One year later, the rapper was gunned down in Las Vegas while riding in a car driven by Knight on September 7th. Shakur was pronounced dead on September 13th at the age of twenty-five years old. His former label boss, Suge Knight, is currently in jail facing murder charges. During his career, Tupac Shakur sold over seventy-five million records worldwide, and he is widely considered the greatest rapper of all time. All Eyez on Me: The Writings of Tupac Shakur museum will be open until April 22nd.