The Hoodoo Gurus Are Searching for a New Drummer

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The Hoodoo Gurus are in search of a new drummer, after Mark Kingsmill quit the band. Kingsmill was the band’s drummer for the last thirty years. Kingsmill said he lost his enthusiasm for touring, and he decided to retire from the music business. At first, the Gurus decided to break up the band, rather than find a replacement drummer. After contemplating the idea, the Gurus decided to “keep pushing on.” They are currently auditioning drummers, and they will continue their search until they fill the vacant position. Guru frontman Dave Faulkner spoke about Kingsmill’s departure. “Most of Mark’s adult life has been dedicated completely to music and it’s easy to understand that he wants to begin a new phase,” Faulkner said. He added, “We’re just grateful we’ve had the opportunity to work together for as long as we have. Thanks for everything, Mr. Kingsmill, it’s been amazing!”  

The Hoodoo Gurus has had a number of hits in their career, including “Bittersweet,” “My Girl,” and “Like Wow-Wipeout!” The Australian band’s most successful song,”What’s My Scene?” was changed to “That’s My Team” for the 2000 National Rugby League’s theme song. The Gurus released nine albums since 1984 including Mars Needs Guitars!, Blow Your Cool!, Kinky, Blue Cave, and their latest project, Purity of Essence. The band has not toured that much in the US in the last few years. During an interview with Louder Than War, the Gurus discussed why they haven’t toured in the US. “We would love to tour the US, but it is a losing proposition for us. The cost is huge, even with only three crew, and the tour manager acting as mixer, we still lose money,” Faulkner told Louder Than War. During that interview, Faulkner ironically mentioned that the band was only performing shows in Australia because Kingsmill was tired of traveling.  

Hoodoo Gurus will be going on the 2015 Red Hot Summer Tour next month. The tour is a massive event that features some of Australia’s classic rock bands. Besides Hoodoo Gurus, Daryl Braithwaite, Boom Crash Opera, and special invited guests will all be part of this big event. The Gurus will perform March 7th and March 14th. Fans can visit Ticketmaster’s Australian website for concert tickets and more information.  

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