Kasey Lansdale Speaks on Recording New Projects

Courtesy of digitalrodeo.com
Courtesy of digitalrodeo.com

Country music artist Kasey Lansdale just released a new single, “Sorry Ain’t Enough,” from her Restless album. The singer sat down with Billboard magazine to discuss the new single and the process of recording her project. Lansdale describes her “Sorry Ain’t Enough” as a “strong lady anthem,” and she believes the song sets the tone for the entire project. Lansdale also said it represents who she is as an artist. In the beginning, she wasn’t sure how the song would turn out, but people gravitated to the song and album rather quickly. The success of her Restless album enabled her to go on the Restless Roadtrip national tour. 

The country star recorded her Restless album in a recording studio once owned by the legendary Johnny Cash. The singer admitted working in Cash’s recording studio was a fascinating experience. “This was the cabin where Johnny actually recorded his last album. The studio has so much history in there,” Lansdale told Billboard. She also worked with Cash’s son, John Carter Cash, who is a Grammy-winning music producer. “He’s such a great guy. He created this environment that was so relaxed,” Lansdale said to Billboard magazine. She added, “I’ve worked with several producers over the years, and the thing that he said to me that stuck was ‘follow your joy.’ I really felt like that was a genuine statement from him.” 

Lansdale has just filmed the music video for “Sorry Ain’t Enough,” which was shot in the famed recording studio and her home state of Texas. She felt shooting in both places was the perfect way to blend Texas and Nashville music together, because both states represent so much. “It was nice to go back [to the recording studio] after having made the album, living with the album, and going back to where we started. It was comfortable and it made sense,” Lansdale explained to Billboard magazine. The country singer just headed back on the road to begin a new tour. The tour will focus around the state of Texas, a place that Lansdale says has its own “musical world.” Lansdale explained why she feels Texas has its own “musical world” to Billboard magazine, “I think it’s just a place that people of all genres can come and find a place they fit in, because Texas music isn’t just one thing. It’s all of those musical influences combined.” Kasey Lansdale’s Restless album is currently available through online digital markets.