Built to Spill Releases First Album in Six Years

Courtesy of 881theburg.com

Courtesy of 881theburg.com

After six years of silence, fans of the seminal indie rock band, Built to Spill, are releasing a new album in April. The long awaited follow-up to 2009’s There is No Enemy is going to be entitled Untethered Moon. Eager to get back on stage, the band will be kicking off its tour a month before the album’s release.

The band opens their tour to support Untethered Moon on March 27th at the Tree Fort Music Festival in their hometown Boise, Idaho. Along the way are five stops in California, two of which will be at the Coachella Festival, and three shows in Arizona, along with shows in Las Vegas and Atlanta, which so far is their only east coast date.

Formed in the wake of the grunge explosion in 1992, Doug Martsch of the Tree People vowed to have a different lineup for every album, and now nine albums later, in some sense he has lived up to that claim, despite having made drummer Scott Plouf and bassist Brett Nelson permanent members. Neither Nelson nor Plouf appear on their upcoming album. This revolving door policy gave every album a different sound. Over the years their songs have been graced a myriad of influences. Most notably, the band has dipped their toes into a rough edged blues rock with western flair much in the vein of their idol Neil Young, who the band has covered repeatedly live.

The peak of their commercial and critical success came well after the band had already appeared on the Lollapalooza tour in 1995. Built to Spill’s first major label release, Perfect From Now On, was praised by fans and critics alike. Even with a fervent fan base, Built to Spill has never garnered the kind of radio airplay received by the bands who claim them as an influence. Modest Mouse, the Strokes, and Death Cab For Cutie have all cited the band as a major influence.

The track listing for the album is as follows: 1. “All Our Songs”; 2. “Living Zoo”; 3. “On the Way”; 4. “Some Other Song”; 5. “Never Be the Same”; 6. “C.R.E.B.”; 7. “Another Day”; 8. “Horizon to Cliff”; 9. “So”; 10. “When I’m Blind.”

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