Kanye West Releases Countdown on Website

Courtesy of theblockishaute.com

Courtesy of theblockishaute.com

Rapper Kanye West has just launched a mysterious new website entitled Yeezy Supply. By typing in the site’s address (yeezy.supply), viewers are brought to a website that contains enigmatic footage of some sort of machine making a noise, with a countdown icon displayed over it. The countdown will reach zero this Thursday at 9:00PM Eastern Standard Time.

With the recent new song releases from Kanye West this past month, it’s enticing to think that this countdown is conjoined with the release of the rapper’s hotly anticipated new album. That said, it’s probably more feasible to speculate that this countdown refers to a new partnership that West just made with sports manufacturer Adidas. The rapper recently announced that he cut his ties with Nike, and will now be launching a range with Adidas that he says will make him “bigger than Wal-Mart.” February 12, the day the countdown reaches zero, happens to be part of New York Fashion Week, and fans are speculating that the countdown refers to a live-performance the rapper will perform that will officially launch his Adidas range. The site’s name, also, strongly suggests that this is involved with something regarding retail.

Kanye had a relatively quiet year in 2014, but now, it seems like the rapper is primed to take the musical world by storm again. From surprise single releases, talk about designing the Washington Wizards Uniforms, to a confirmed Grammy performance with Paul McCartney and Rihanna, the 37-year old rapper is showing his name is still highly acknowledgeable in popular-culture, a full decade after the release of his lauded debut album, The College Dropout. All of this news, plus the fact that we know that Kanye is working on his 7th studio album, stresses that 2015 may be yet another banner year for West.

No word yet on a release date or title for Kanye’s new record, his follow-up to 2013’s Yeezus, but it’s expected to drop mid-year. It’s also been confirmed that ex-Beatle Paul McCartney will not be co-producing the entire album, despite what news sources may have previously said. Also, it has not yet been revealed whether the McCartney, Rihanna and West single FourFiveSecondswill be on the upcoming Kanye album, or Rihanna’s.

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