Avicii’s Manager Defends Spotify Streaming

courtesy of mixing.dj
courtesy of mixing.dj

Recently Spotify has been “under fire” after several major artists claimed the music streaming company is largely responsible for the decline of music sales. Music streaming has increased by ninety-five percent in 2014, while CD sales continue to fall. Avicii‘s “Wake Me Up” is the most streamed song in Spotify history. The record has been streamed more than 339 million times.

Ash Pournouri, Avicii’s manager, wrote a column that defended the music streaming service. In the column, which appeared in Billboard magazine, Pournouri stated that he viewed Spotify as a music partner not a streaming service. “[The song’s success] is due not only to the fact that it’s a great song, but also because from the start, we saw Spotify as our music partner, not just a streaming service and revenue source,” Pournouri wrote. The manager believes too many people have the wrong idea of what the streaming music company is. “It’s not a one-way street; its a two-way platform that allows you to creatively market your music while generating revenue,” he explained.

Pournouri said that Spotify played a vital role in breaking Avicii in the US, and the company helped him gain exposure with audiences worldwide. “Before the release of True [Avicii’s 2013 album], he was best-known in the United States for his club hits and from touring. As we began setting up the album, streaming services became an invaluable part of the marketing plan,” Pournouri wrote. He said that they set up a Spotify playlist for Avicii’s fans to subscribe to, and more 100,000 listeners around the world signed up to it.Once they put “Wake Me Up!” on the playlist, they encouraged others to add the record to their personal playlists. “Avicii experienced double-digit chart gains after debuting his exclusive Spotify New Year’s Eve playlist, One World Party,” the manager explained. Billboard reported that Avicii‘s single “The Days” was up seventy-one percent, and his Spotify streams increased by eighty-three percent.

Another of Avicii’s songs, “The Nights“, gained one million streams in a week, which was a ninety-one percent increase. “As much as we are Spotify proponents, we won’t ever exclude other audiences. We have to be everywhere, and work to be creative in all our relationships,” Pournouri said. The manager sees Spotify and other music streaming companies as “the optimal way of consuming digital content.” The Next Big Sound reported that there were more than 434 billion total music streams recorded in 2014, which was an increase of ninety-five percent from the previous year.