Fireflight: ‘We Are Alive’ Single Review


Fifteen years is a notable milestone for any band, and four piece Fireflight celebrates the achievement with their upbeat new single, “We Are Alive,” coming from their new album INNOVA out on May 5th. Following the success of number one single “Resuscitate,” their new track characterizes the rebirth of an established and talented group, now forging their own path as they release their upcoming album independently. 

Three years since their previous album, the electro pop group still remains unique within the music industry, featuring female vocalist Dawn Michele and bass player Wendy Drennen in an industry where rock bands are often male-dominated. The Grammy nominees are taking a new direction with this release, and it shows within the passion and positive message found in the song. After guitarist Justin Cox stepped down, it is clear that the band have solidified themselves with a fresh, new vision as suggested by the meaning of their upcoming release INNOVA, which literally means “rebirth.” And considering Michele has announced her first child is on the way, this seems fitting.

Grabbing you immediately with a pop sounding hook, layers of synth and electro pave the way for Michele’s vocals as they set the scene, ushering you into a beautiful new landscape full of possibilities. With shades of Rebecca St. James in the fragility and sweetness of her voice, there is also a strength which drives the song and distinguishes Fireflight from its peers even after 15 years. 

The chorus is the highlight of “We Are Alive,” and it will energize you as you catch its insatiably hopeful melody and message. Singing, “We’re shining like the stars, just being who we are, we are alive,” the significance of overcoming challenges and embracing the beauty of life is apparent, and delivered through these simple phrases. 

Breaking down and focusing heavily on the synth, percussion and backing vocals add to the dynamics of the track, and it builds to the joy found in the chorus. The beauty of this tune comes largely from the story behind it and the struggles the band has overcome in order to deliver it to their fans. In this, their lyrics, “You and I were born for this” show the profound strength and conviction the band possesses, and this comes out within the positive new single.

“We Are Alive,” continues to usher in a new season for Fireflight. Hopeful, joyful and with a recognition of the trials that have forged their upcoming release, it will invigorate and refuel you in the long, mundane moments of life.