FTISLAND Discusses First NY Show and New Album

Courtesy of hi-check.com
Courtesy of hi-check.com

FTISLAND met with Billboard magazine to discuss their upcoming album and first concert in New York. The K-pop/rock band was happy to finally make it to New York, after the blizzard delayed their trip by two days. “We came from Mexico and South America, so we’ve been in really hot places. It’s really hard to adjust to this weather, it’s really cold here,” band member Hong Gi told Billboard magazine. FTISLAND’s Jae Jin jokingly said they want to put on a really hot and exciting performance, and make their fans sweat in the cold New York weather. 

The band told Billboard their concert will feature familiar songs in their setlist, but the records will sound a little different from anything they’ve ever performed. “The theme of the whole tour is that we’re performing familiar songs in our setlist, but it’s going to sound a lot different from what we’ve done,” Hong Gi said. He added, “It’s really diverse and a combination of all the skills that we have. It’s going to integrate and show everything that we’ve got. It’s going to be the real FTISLAND.” The band said they would also love to take their tour to England, Spain, Germany, Russia, and anywhere their fans are. Even if they only have 100 or 200 fans in the region, they would be willing to perform there. FTISLAND’s new album is expected to be released next month or some time in April. 

FTISLAND wouldn’t reveal any specific information regarding their new project, besides telling Billboard magazine that all of the songs on the album mean something to each band member. FTISLAND did tell the magazine that their New York show will be a good representative of their new album. “Today’s performance is going to have a variety of musical elements from the upcoming album. This performance will be representative of this album,” the band said. 

FTISLAND has been together for eight years, and they told Billboard magazine that they experienced personal and musical growth. “We’ve been having ups and downs, but we’re going through it together. We think that when we were little and at the beginning of our careers, there were fans who just loved us for our visuals and the  bling bling,” the band told Billboard. FTISLAND added, “We believe now there are more fans who truly love our music and trust in our musical ability.” FTISLAND is expected to add more dates to their current promotional tour