Azealia Banks Will Be in Playboy’s April Issue

Courtesy of Rankin via

Courtesy of Rankin via

Rapper Azealia Banks announced on social media that she will be on the cover of Playboy‘s April issue. “Now I can finally tell you, I’ll be on the COVER of @Playboy’s April Music Issue!! #LeChatNoir,” Banks wrote on Twitter. According to Playboy, the rapper will pose nude for the magazine issue. Banks accredited Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell as her inspiration to do the Playboy issue. “Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell both did Playboy Covers so you know I was like Hell Yeaaaaaaa,” she tweeted. 

The rapper has never been afraid to say or do what she wants, and so her Playboy cover shouldn’t come as a surprise to her fans. The rapper recently received backlash after she defended her use of the word “f**got.” During an interview on Sirius XM, Banks said when she says “f**got,” it comes from a feminist point of view. “The word came to me from my mother. And it was never a thing about a guy being gay. It was always just a man who hates women,” the rapper said. She added, “You can be gay or straight. You can be a straight f**got. F**gots are men who want to bring women down, f**k with their heads, control them.” 

After Banks’ comments, many people started calling the rapper homophobic. Banks, who is bisexual, said her use of the word does not come from a homophobe point of view. “To be homophobic would imply that I’m like, ‘I can’t sit next to a gay man cuz I’m going to catch the gay,’ but I already caught the gay,” the rapper explained. She continued, “I feel like when I use the word, it is not from a homophobic point of view. It’s really just kinda like you feel attacked as a woman.” The rapper also said her use of the word “f**got” is the same as a gay man using the word “bitch.” Banks stated, “You called me a bitch, I’ll call you a f**got. What’s the difference?” 

Banks’ album Broke With Expensive Taste was finally released last November, and it reached the Number 2 position on the US Top Rap Albums chart. The rapper will perform at Coachella 2015, which will take place on two weekends (April 10-12 and April 17-19) in Indio, California. Look for Azealia Banks’ Playboy issue, which will hit stands on March 20th. 

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