David Grohl Is Ambassador for Record Store Day

Courtesy of relix.com
Courtesy of relix.com

David Grohl has been named the ambassador for 2015 Record Store Day. Record Store Day is on April 18th, but Grohl has already started working on his first assignment. The rocker presented a video on the Record Store Day’s website, in which he made an argument in favor of supporting record stores and the vinyl format. In the video, the rocker said he spent all of his time and money in a record store in Springfield, Virginia to find what would eventually become the soundtrack to his life. Grohl showed the album Blockbuster 20 Original Hits by The Original Stars, for which he describes at the reason he decided to join a band. K-Tel‘s 1975 album featured Alice Cooper, War, Kool and the Gang, and more.  

“This is what made me want to join a band, jump on stage and play music. If it weren’t for that record store, I don’t think I’d be here today,” the Foo Fighters frontman said. He continued, “I think it’s important for everyone, kids, and adults to celebrate that kind of discovery by going into a little record store in your town that you’ve never been before.” Grohl concluded, “Spend some time there and discover stuff you never knew existed because those discoveries can wind-up changing your life.” The rocker said it is very important that we make sure record stores survive because he believes record stores experiences inspire people. “I believe that the power of the record store to inspire is still alive and well, and that their importance to our next generation of musicians is crucial,” Grohl said. 

Record Store Day has enlisted a number of musicians to help spread the word to save independent record stores. Some of the rockers who have helped the campaign include Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, Jack White, and Chuck D (Public Enemy). So far, the “save the record store” campaign is having an effect on sales. The independent record store has reported an eleven percent gain in sales last year. David Grohl and other musicians encourage each generation to do their part by going out and visiting their local record store. An act as simple as purchasing a vinyl album or CD can go a long way.